June 3

is it time for you to break up with the scales?


Are you emotionally attached to your bathroom scales?


Are you happy when they go down and sad when they go up?


It is probably time to consider breaking up with them.


Body weight alone is not a great thing to focus on.


We are a combination of so many other things as well as fat.


We have blood, bones, hair, organs, water, food in transit and skin as well!


It is very common for our weight to spike with absolutely no increase in body fat.


For example;


If you are in a calorie deficit but you are eating plenty of protein and weight training, then you are likely to be gaining muscle.


This will make you weigh more.


Being in a calorie deficit is also a stressful thing for the body and there can be an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.


This encourages the body to store water, if you have extra water on board you will weigh more.


If you do a lot of aerobic exercise all at once, your blood supply will increase and you will weigh more.


Therefore, relying on the scales alone to track your progress is very misleading.


Increases that show on the scale can be to do with a lot more than fat.


If you have a love/hate relationship with your scales it could be time for a break up.


If you are unable to track an average without getting upset, maybe chuck the scales away!




If you looked as fit as you’d ever looked, sexy AF?!


You could fit into the clothes you had bought for that ‘one day’?


You could zip up the jeans that never came out of the drawer?


You felt healthy and strong?


Would you actually care if you weighed a bit more than the ‘ideal weight’ you had in your head?


Please do not get so emotionally affected by a number on a scale!


Definitely do not let it derail your progress!


Focus on other metrics;


Photographs, measurements, the fit of your clothes.


These are far more reliable.


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