February 15

The Importance of Preparation


I wanted to talk today about the importance of preparation.


Now this doesn’t necessarily mean the Instagram famous ‘meal prep’ of tupperware boxes filled with greens and lean meats (though of course this is fantastic to see).


I am just talking about being prepared in general for food and exercise selection.


When you prepare for something, you are 100% more likely to do it.


If you pack some running shorts and a top, then you are likely to go for that run at lunch or a quick gym session after work.


If you prepare for a healthy dinner by deciding on what you’re going to have, and shopping for the ingredients ahead of time, then you are far more likely to succeed in your evening choices.


Too often we are ‘too busy’ to do some simple preparation and that leaves us with hastened choices made when tired and/or hungry.


If you made it to the gym after work but haven’t prepared your dinner, you’ll find yourself in the aisles of tesco absolutely starving, wondering what’s best to eat after your workout.


More often than not you’ll probably leave with an oven pizza (cause you’ve worked out you’ve earned it right!?) and some maltesers and wine to top it off.


The thing is, you were hungry, so you weren’t thinking straight.


Your brain was also wired to all of your cravings, as you were using the last of your energy just to move around.


Willpower is a finite resource, so don’t waste it on food choices that could have been far easier/simpler with a little preparation.


Also, NEVER shop while you’re hungry, it’s a guaranteed way to walk out of the store with a tub of pic ‘n’ mix and some bagels (just me!?)


Rather than leaving dinner to chance, thinking about what you’re going to eat ahead of time and preparing for this is the key to success.


That way, you can work, head to the gym after, and head straight home, knowing that everything is in place.


The key is of course the preparation.

How to Prepare like a boss

I find writing out a generic meal plan can really help, and then accompanying this with a shopping list.

On a Sunday, if you write down your plans for your meals, you can then list out everything you need, including herbs and spices for seasoning.


Once you’ve shopped for these items, you can do some more prep if you like.


You can potentially grill your meats and cook your veggies for a few days worth of lunches, or chop up some veggies ready for quick cook dinners.


If you’re out the door early for work some mornings, why not cook some eggs or prepare some overnight oats for some healthy breakfast options that keep you going?


As I said before, you don’t necessarily need to cook everything and have it in containers (however if you’re training twice a day then this may be necessary to ensure you’re eating enough of the right foods to fuel your efforts) but by doing a little bit of groundwork when you have some extra time, you’ll save time later in the week to relax, and spend time with loved ones etc.



The key to success really is in the preparation.


Fail to prepare then prepare to fail.


It really can be that simple.


Pack your gym gear the night before, get that gentle run in you’ve been promising yourself.
Prepare your food choices in advance and leave your willpower for a better reason, and buy back some time in the week for more important things.


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