September 1

I Know What to do, I’m just not doing it.


How often do you find yourself saying this?


It is all to easy to let ourselves off the hook and generally for the following reasons;


  • Not being specific enough with goals
  • Not being ruthless enough with time
  • Not really knowing why  we want to achieve a goal.


1) If we are not specific then we really do not know what we are doing.


For example, if you do not know where you are going, then any road can take you.


If you just fancy going for a drive, then any route will fill that hole.


However, if you want to travel from Leeds to Wakefield then there are just a few routes you could take.


If you write down exactly what you want to achieve then you start seeing specific actions you can play with.


Once you have written down your goal, you can then write down these specific actions – building your route map.


2) If you do not guard your time then other people and things will take it.


Of course, most of us have to work, many of us for 8 hours or so a day.


We have to sleep for 7 or 8 hours and we may well have children or others to care for.


It is not easy!


Blocking out time can make it much easier.


Block out your time for sleep, for gym, for food shopping and preparation, for rest, for family.


It can seem a bit anal, but ultimately, routine breeds freedom.


Set out your primary intentions and be intentional with your time.


3) Knowing your ‘Why?’


If you do not know why you are doing something then you’ll have no passion for it.


This makes it much easier to give up.


Life is tough, it is not fair.


Bad things happen and even when nothing really bad happens, other things can overwhelm.


You can really only achieve something important if you really, really understand why you want to.


Only then will you know what to do and will follow through!


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