December 8

How To Set Goals That Work

In the past, when you have set goals, have you set them purely on the desired outcome?

  • To lose weight?
  • To gain muscle?
  • To get fitter?

It is important to have an outcome in mind.

If we do not have a destination, we can not work out a route.

However, how do we keep motivated?

How do we keep on track when things get tough?

How do we know we are striving towards the right goal?

This is where, setting goals that work, is so important.

In nutrition and fitness, there are many different goals:

  1. Avoid v Approach
  2. Behaviour v Outcome
  3. Performance v Mastery

There are big differences between them.

1) An avoid goal is all about what not to do.

The focus is on what you should avoid:

  • Stop eating junk food
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Stop eating chocolate

An approach goal, on the flip side, is all about what to start doing:

  • Eat more vegetables
  • Eat more lean protein
  • Eat more slowly
  • Focus on your hunger
  • Increase your activity

All of these things are positive and actionable.

Focus on your approach goals rather than your avoid goals.

2) To arrive at your overall outcome goal, you need to set behaviour goals.

The behaviours will then move you towards your outcome.

If your overall goal is to lose weight, what behaviours can get you there?

What steps can you put in place?

For example;

Are you currently doing any activity?

Are you eating any vegetables?

Are you currently only getting 5 hours sleep at night?

These are the behaviours where you set goals to improve.

They go very well with approach goals.

Set approach based, behaviour goals, rather than avoid based behaviour goals.

3) Performance goals are very much focused on the end result.

It is all about the number.

Mastery is about the process.

How can I be better, today?

How can I do more of the things that will help me reach an outcome?

The outcome is always outside of our control.

You can’t control whether you actually lose any body fat,

You can’t control whether you build muscle,

You can’t control whether you close more business,

You can’t control whether someone loves you or not.

But, what you can do;

Is focus on, approach based, behaviour goals and falling in love with becoming a Master at the process.


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