October 13

How To Overcome Feeling Guilty With Food Choices


It is very common for people to feel guilty about certain food choices they make.


This is a real shame.


It is particularly sad if you end up feeling guilty about food when you are spending time with your family.


When you are having a special meal with your significant other.


Or, when you are at a celebration, like a wedding.


It is vitally important to remember that there is no such thing as good or bad food.


The overall diet is what counts, not the occasional meal.


Why then do so many of us struggle with feeling guilty?


It is important to start challenging these thoughts.


What is the evidence for the thought?


What would you say to a friend in the same situation?


Is there another, better way to think about this situation?


Below is a picture of a ‘finding alternative thoughts’ sheet:


You can download a PDF of this sheet here – FindingAlternativeThoughts


A sheet to help you challenge unhelpful thoughts can be downloaded here – DepressionThoughtRecordSheet


It is such a shame if we have a pizza and then feel really bad about it.


We often then go on to say ‘fuck it’ and have ice cream and a bottle of wine!


Pizza is a great food and should be enjoyed.


It can and should make up part of a balanced diet.


If you do not make it ‘forbidden fruit’ then you can learn to enjoy it slowly and mindfully.


Then stop when you have had enough!




Most of the time matters more than some of the time.


If you are eating mostly lower calorie, higher nutrient dense food most of the time, then you are making progress.


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You will look better, feel better and be able to get through Christmas without needing to resort to some shitty OTT New Year’s resolution.


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