August 10

How To Manage Stress


Stress is everywhere.


Especially now, in this strange, Covid-19, world we find ourselves in.


Life is very different, we have to wear face coverings and keep our distance from each other.


It is stressful.


A lot of people are still furloughed and facing job loss.


This is very tough and we are all  unsure when life will be able to return to any sort of normal.


All these new challenges just add to everything else we already have to deal with in day to day life.


We have to manage our finances and our relationships.


If we have children, we have to take care of their needs as well as our own.


For most of us there is a lot to be stressed about!


There is a lot of negativity around stress that can make it even worse.


We all know that it is The Silent Killer.


It can make us very unwell and we can suffer burnout.


So how do we re-frame how we are affected by stress?


How can we become pro-active in managing it and maybe even  turn it to our advantage?


There is a great Ted Talk called, How To Make Stress Your Friend by Kelly McGonigal;



She also wrote a book called The Upside Of Stress.


The idea is to re-frame stress and to therefore have a better response in our body.


For example, instead of thinking ‘OMG I’ve got way too much to do and now I have to get a report done on top of it all’


Flip it on it’s head.


Try thinking ‘how can I use this situation to improve?’.


The Corona Virus situation could be a good example.


I know that some of us have lost people and I would never suggest that could be a useful thing.


I myself know what it is to lose people close to me.


But for the rest of us, even  if you are facing redundancy, there are opportunities to re-frame the situation.


If you are made redundant, how can you overcome that?


How can it make you better?


Is it perhaps an opportunity to look at your life?


To think about what you are passionate about?


Could you upskill and do something different? Or what you were doing but better?


Could you start your own business?


This is a great way to manage stress in general.


Flip it on it’s head.


How can this or that make you better rather than breaking you down?


We do of course, have to manage our health as well.


We must  take time off, not work non stop.


Not put everyone else first and ourselves last.


We will  burn out that way.


We must take time for ourselves – even busy parents!


Have some down time.


Do something just for the sheer joy of doing it.


Training and exercise can be great and allow for some mindful moments.


Also, think of other activities that you enjoy.


The best thing I did at the start of lockdown was to buy a Playstation.


This allows me to take some time off and completely immerse myself in something else.


It has actually made me better at what I do because I can switch off completely for a short time.



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