October 6

How To Manage Cravings


We all experience cravings from time to time.


How do we start to manage them and stop them from scuppering all our weight loss efforts?


The first thing I would say is to remember that flexibility is key.


We often fall into the trap of thinking that eating healthily has to look a certain way:


  • We believe we should be eating only ‘clean’ foods
  • And/or eating 100% unprocessed food
  • That we should not be eating a large number of foods considered ‘bad’


Not only are these beliefs untrue, but they could very well be the source of our difficulties!


There is nothing like creating a ‘forbidden fruit’ to make it all the more desirable.


We always want what we can’t have.


If you deprive yourself of certain foods, you will find yourself craving them more.


Start by accepting that you can have the foods that you want.


You just need to incorporate them in a way that helps you achieve your goals.


However, there will still be times when you crave certain foods, even when you are not hungry.


This is where we crave foods because of habit, time of day, or because we are stressed, depressed or bored.


You can tell the difference between a craving and true hunger, because you wouldn’t be happy with just any food, it needs to be that specific food.


Below is  a picture of a Cravings Diary

You can download a PDF of this here:-



You will see that this sheet enables you to put the STOPP technique into action.


Stop and think about the situation, where you are, what you are doing etc.


Take a breath and thing about what was going through your mind.


Observe what you were feeling at the time and rate the intensity of your craving.


Pull back with an alternative, more balanced thought.


Practice doing something else instead.






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