June 2

How to maintain your motivation


Motivation doesn’t last.


Staying motivated on a diet and fitness journey is often the biggest difficulty that people face.


Unfortunately, motivation is fleeting and mastering it is a skill that takes a lot of work.


It is very easy to find weight loss difficult – because it is!


As things become more difficult, our motivation wanes.


We all have limited ‘bandwith’ for dealing with life and the challenges we face.


When everything becomes too much we revert to our habits.


Habits are ingrained into us over years and by the influence of other people in our lives.


Our habits will dictate our attitudes and our behaviours when our motivation is low.


If your life is super stressful and you cannot keep up with everything you had planned to do then you can dial down.


Think about your ‘minimum effective dose’


The 20% you need to do for 80% results.


If you really cannot manage ‘protein at every meal’ and/or ‘5 portions of fruit and vegetables’ etc.


Then focus on calories only. If you maintain a calorie deficit you will still lose weight.


If you cannot get enough sleep because you have a young baby or other reason, don’t despair.


We can not do everything perfectly all the time.


If you are watching calories but you can’t cook your own meals, just read the packets!


Note down (literally or mentally) the calories in your ready meals and gauge your calories.


Just keeping your eye on that one thing can enable you to maintain your current weight.


And that’s ok!


Make things as simple as you can.


When life is very stressful then we do not have the wherewithal to pick up new skills.


As life becomes easier we can dial things back up again.


Motivation comes and goes. Habits root us down.


You will have heard me talking about diet breaks before and this is a good thing to do from time to time.


Have a break, focus on maintaining your weight, this in itself can help boost up the motivation for another effort.


Losing weight and keeping it off can be really difficult.


If you have struggled over the years with weight loss and yo yo dieting then please do take a look at my 8 Simple Rules for Lifelong Weight Loss course.


I have designed this specially to help you develop the habits for lifelong weight loss.






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