July 7

How To Have A Healthy Balance Of Food And Exercise.


When I was about 16 or 17 and starting to become more interested in fitness, I turned to the magazine Men’s Health.


A lot of the images in the magazine and on the cover were of physiques that were pretty unobtainable.


Nowadays with all the fitness professionals on social media as well, we are all inundated with pictures of ‘perfect’ bodies.


I am not knocking these people, they work really, really hard to maintain these physiques and all power to them.


Admittedly though, we should remember that there’s a fair amount of ‘photoshopping’ going on, not to mention the right lighting, posing, etc etc…


This all sets a really high bar for those of us who want to improve our fitness and/or body shape,


it can also give a skewed perception of what we should  look like.


If you have a full time job (not in the fitness industry) then it is unfair to compare yourself to someone who works full time coaching gym classes.


If you are a parent of small children it is unfair to compare yourself to the young, free and single people who can get to the gym every day.


There is no such thing as the perfect plan for achieving a balance.


It is going to be different for each of us and will depend a lot on our lifestyle.


How much time do we have?


How hard do we want to work?


How strict do we really want to be with our food intake?


What weight can we maintain and still live a full, enjoyable life?


These are the important questions to look at.


Achieving visible abs requires a high level of hard work and sacrifice!


Is it that important to you?


Would you rather be happy with a healthy weight and a life where you can enjoy social occasions without worrying?


If you are looking to lose weight, that’s a great goal but understand why you want to lose weight.


Are you comparing yourself unfavourably with someone who has a completely different life and body?


Are you able/do you even want to work that hard?


Would you be happy with your life eating what they eat?


Your happy balance will be different to everyone else’s.


Healthy living is a mixture of looking the way you want to look,


eating the food you want to eat,


enjoying your exercise,


having social occasions with friends and family,


eating the same food as your kids,


all the while maintaining a healthy weight and a great body image!


Stop looking for the perfect balance from someone else.


The balance that you need is unique to you and your own situation.








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