August 27

How To Engineer Your Success


To achieve success we really need to draw a roadmap.


I have got some of these ideas from a book by Dan Meredith called, How To Be Fucking Awesome and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.


The first thing needed to start the map is to Know Your Goal.


Your goal is point B on the map.


It may be to lose 10lbs, or to PB your backsquat, run a marathon, or even to learn a language.


This method can work with any goal, not necessarily just health and fitness goals.


The second thing needed for the map is to Know Your Starting Point.


This is point A on the map.


Take an honest assessment of where you are right now;


Look at your abilities, your confidence, what is your bodyweight now? How far can you run now?


Then, you need to draw a line from point A to point B.


Look at different routes, which route is sustainable for you?


Have a think about the daily habits that are practised by someone who is already at point B.


Then think about what you can do consistently.


You will not be able to get from A to B all at once.


Write down your steps – too often we try and do them all at once.


Write down a couple of things to do week 1.


Then another thing or two to bring in on week 2 and so on.


Draw your map.


Give yourself a 12 week timeframe, breaking down your goals.


A 12 week target will help you stay focussed and give you less time to fuck up.


Another great book I would recommend is The 12 Week Year by Brian P Moran and Michael Lennington.


Say you are wanting to lose weight;


Set yourself a 12 week goal, get in a calorie deficit, stick to it and smash your goal.


Then give yourself a period at maintenance.


Set your target, set yourself some weekly habits and draw that line from A to B.


Write it down!


Look back to yesterday when we talked about journaling.


Write your steps down in a journal.


Set yourself daily goals, that you have written down.


Put up a list where you will see it all the time.


Revisit your journal daily – I check my work journal every day, to see what tasks I need to get done.


At the end of the 12 weeks, if you have reached your goal you will know why.


If you have not reached your goal you can review;


Were you over-ambitious?


Have you fallen a bit short but maintained a load of great new habits?


There will still likely be things to celebrate.


You can then re-plan, re-structure and go again for another 12 weeks.


Know your Starting Point.


Know your End Point.


Draw the Map – rather than setting yourself a goal and then just hoping for the best.




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