August 6

How To Combat Overeating


Many if not all of us struggle with overeating from time to time.


For those of us who are looking to lose some weight, it can be a real problem that we have lived with for years on end.


Overeating can sabotage every other habit we try to develop.


If we are tracking our calories we often do not  track the times when we overeat.


We accidentally, on purpose, forget to track the packet of crisps we ate while we were cooking dinner and the cream cake we had at work for someone’s birthday.


If we are not tracking our calories and are trying to lose weight through practising other habits, we can still end up overeating.


Overeating = No Results.


Oftentimes we can be super strict and under-eat Monday to Thursday evening and then the weekend turns into a shit-show!


We have a couple of drinks on a Thursday evening because it’s the weekend-eve and then by Friday night we are enjoying all  the alcohol and all  the snacks.


This leads to an awful cycle of over-restriction followed by being over-relaxed.


The net effect is that we are eating all the calories we are burning and we get nowhere.


Plus Monday to Thursday is pretty miserable!!


There is also of course, good old everyday overeating.


We do not  binge at the weekend but we overeat at dinnertime, or during the evening, or at social events.


Overeating is the last step in a long process.


We find ourselves in a situation that makes us feel a certain way or an event happens that triggers some emotion and we respond by overeating.


The answer is to become hyper-aware of these situations and events so that we can start to see why and where we overeat.


Please download my Behaviour Awareness Sheet here.


The sheet will ask you to answer the following questions;


  • What Are You Doing?
  • What Are You Thinking?
  • What Are You Feeling Emotionally?
  • What Are You Feeling Physically?
  • Where Are You?
  • What Time Is It?
  • Who’s With You?


You will be asked to answer these questions for 2-3 hours before your episode of overeating.


Then for the period immediately before, during and afterwards.


Fill it out reflectively and be completely honest.


The key here is not to judge yourself or to make you feel bad.


The key is for you to notice and name what you are feeling and thinking that leads to you overeating.


You then can become aware of the feelings, learn to recognise the triggers and practice doing something else instead.


Something that fills your cup with joy!


Download Our Free Video On Overcoming Cravings

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