October 22

How To Build Muscle Fast


Quite often when people have successfully lost weight, they then want to build muscle mass.


Others, really struggle to gain weight and put on muscle.


All of us who want to build muscle mass, want to do it without piling on loads of fat as well.


1) Eat More Protein


Protein is one of the two things you must have to build muscle.


Vegans will need more, sorry! But plant proteins are just not as complete as animal proteins.


You should consume between 0.3 and 0.5g of protein per kilo of bodyweight


every 2.5 – 4 hours.


So a 100kg person would be eating between 30 and 50g protein at each serving.


It has been found to be optimal to have 4 – 6 meals a day to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.


2) A Slight Calorie Surplus


I suggest using something like Kevin Halls Body Weight Planner – link below




Use a surplus of 100 – 200 calories per day.


Do not overeat – you will just get fat.


If you struggle to eat enough, try drinking some of your food.


Smoothies are easier to consume and digest.


Try eating higher calorie foods – but, be aware of the risk of fat gain and the importance of protein.


3) Train Regularly


You need to be training between 3 and 6 times a week, depending on your training age.


If you are quite new to weight training, then 3 times a week will be plenty.


If you are more advanced, then 5 – 6 times a week.


It is also important to progressively overload week by week.


Do this by either adding reps or weight – or indeed, adding both.


Train for a 4 – 6 week block then take a de-load week to recover.


Re-cycle and go again, low to high.


Every 16 weeks, take a full week off the gym.


Look to find your Minimum Effective Dose and work there.


4) Stay Consistent For Years To Come


Building muscle takes longer than any other process.


Avoid testosterone boosters – they don’t work – and other stuff that you don’t know what’s in it!


These things are often BS and are never worth the risk – in my opinion.


If you are looking for quality protein products then you could try the guys at Icon Nutrition. The code NSN at checkout will give you 5% off.


Most importantly:


  • Train Hard
  • Eat More
  • Regularly 




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