May 13

How to be crystal clear with your goal


What is your end goal?


Why are you reading this? Why are you interested in health and fitness? What are you trying to achieve?


Have you seriously thought about what you are trying to achieve, what kind of person you aspire to be?


Don’t, however fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, think about yourself specifically…


Who do you want to be?


Do you have an end goal in mind when you are working out? Or do you think more in terms of a process?


I myself am more in a ‘process’ mindset at the moment, I love lifting and being active.


I’m in a pretty good place at the moment with my eating and lifestyle so I am looking to maintain that.


I enjoy pushing myself and seeing how much I can achieve so, my goal for now, is about maintaining my overall size and becoming stronger.


Your reasons can be anything, maybe you want to be more confident, to feel empowered.


Maybe you have a certain bodyweight or clothing size in mind.


Perhaps you have a favourite pair of jeans you are determined to feel good in.


Your ‘why’ can be anything as long as you have a crystal, clear goal in mind.


On Monday I talked about point ‘A’ on the road to change, your goal is point ‘B’ and we want to draw a line between the two.


If you don’t know where you are now and where you want to go then you cannot draw a map.


You become lost in the wilderness and at risk of being pulled from pillar to post by all sorts of shiny things that look promising but don’t take you where you want to go.


Think about you end goal. If it is a process then that is fine too.


What process do you want to implement? What daily behaviours do you need to adopt to make that happen?


If you do have a clear goal then remember:


The goal is outside of your control but your actions are within your control.


Once you have identified your goal you can then create a roadmap of behaviours and habits to take you there.


You need to have an end point in sight to be able to create this map and as you create it, be super clear about your intentions to change.


Write it down! ‘I will do XYZ at this time, for this long, on these days’. Put lists in your kitchen or anywhere you will see them often.


Then, when you are super specific about your new habits, they will start to fall into place, more easily than you ever thought possible.



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