July 15

How To Achieve Self Compassion With Diet And Exercise.


The game of health, of diet and exercise, is a long game.


We have each been given our own unique set of cards to play:


  • Genetics
  • Background – Childhood, Education, etc…
  • Experiences
  • Job
  • Family situation
  • And so on.


The best we can hope for is to be the best version of ourselves.


It is not fair to ourselves to compare us with other people.


Even if we are following the same diet, the same exercise plan as another person,


We will still see different results.


They may get leaner more quickly, they may perform better in exercises,


these things are most likely to be down to their genetics or their past experiences, possibly also their personality.


They may have less stress in their lives, may be they are getting more sleep!


All these things make a difference.


Another thing that is unhelpful is to spend time regretting the past.


Ruminating on past mistakes makes us more anxious, more stressed and even depressed.


Spending time on the ‘could have beens’ is unhealthy.


Focus on where you are now.


Get a good grip of your current situation and start your plan from there.


Be kind to yourself.


Speak to yourself as you would to a friend.


You would not encourage a friend to compare themselves unfavourably with someone completely different


So don’t do it to yourself!


Encourage yourself, focus on the good things you are achieving and do not put too much pressure on yourself.


More work, harder work is not necessarily better.


More intensity is not ‘better for you’.


Hitting the nail hard with a hammer doesn’t bring more results.


Look to have highs and lows, just as you do with other areas of life.


Have periods of working out and have periods of rest.


Have periods in a calorie deficit and have periods of eating at maintenance.


Learn to appreciate how good it feels to sit at the same bodyweight for a long period!


Enjoy food with no guilt.


Think long term;


Will this matter in 6 months?


If the answer is ‘yes’ then maybe look at what you can change but,


if you’re missing a workout and the answer is ‘no’, be kind to yourself.


There is always going to be stuff that gets in the way and often it doesn’t really matter over the long term.


Focus on your own journey and have some flexibility.


What is your goal?


If your goal is to look better naked and be more healthy you can achieve that quite simply with good nutrition and exercise.


You do not have to be ‘perfect’ day in, day out – there is no such thing anyway!


Look at your minimum effective dosage;


What will give you 80% results for 20% effort?


  • A couple of exercise sessions a week
  • Overall calorie intake
  • Variety of fruit and vegetables
  • plenty of protein.


After that, there is no perfect time to eat and no perfect diet.


Think about what you need to do right now to maintain where you are or to make a small change.


Remember, small changes applied consistently lead to fantastic results!
















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