August 5

How The ABC Model Can Help You Make Lasting Change


This ABC model comes from CBT and it was devised to show how beliefs are triggered and how they impact on our behaviours .


I believe this model can be really helpful in showing us how negative beliefs can hold us back from achieving our goals.


A = Activating Event.


Something happens to you or in the environment around you.


B = Belief.


You have a belief or an interpretation regarding the activating event.


C = Consequences.


Your belief has consequences that include feelings and behaviours.


For example;


You have a bad experience with a personal trainer – the event.


You decide that you are clearly shit at exercise – the belief.


You are disheartened and give up trying – the consequence.




You are super busy and are kept late at work – the event.


You tell yourself you have no time to cook or worry about a decent meal – the belief.


You order a pizza from Deliveroo – the consequence.


So we can see that our beliefs are the root of our behaviours.


The belief  is responsible for the consequence not the event itself.


Deeply held beliefs become part of our identity and the behaviours become automatic.


Therefore, if we can start to overcome negative and incorrect beliefs then in turn we can avoid the negative results.


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