December 28

How Much Damage Can 3 Days Do?


Most of us overeat at Christmas.

Many of us then panic about weight we have put on.

How much do we really need to be concerned?

You can use this link to read a study where 10 healthy men overate for 3 days –

The men ate 1500 calories more than their normal diet, for each of the 3 days.

Their energy output was closely monitored, to ensure that it was maintained at their normal level.

At the end of the 3 days, they had gained an average of 0.7kg.

However, the weight gain was mainly water weight and significantly, there was no difference in fat mass.

So, if you have eaten a bit more than normal over the Christmas weekend, there is no need to panic.

You do not need to go into exercise overdrive or into massively restricting your food.

If you return to eating your usual diet and doing your usual activity, your weight will remain stable.

Problems arise if you maintain the overeating over a longer period.

Studies have shown that Americans gain most weight between Thanksgiving and New Year:

A longer period of consistently over eating.

Also, that this weight is rarely lost, meaning a gradual increase in weight, year on year.

Another problem can be if you decide you ‘have to eat all the chocolate and cheese to get it out of the house’ so you can start your diet in the New Year!!

Far better to remember their are no bad foods – only bad diets!

If you have a houseful of tempting food, have small portions and enjoy them mindfully.

2 or 3 chocolates eaten slowly with real appreciation, is a far nicer ‘treat’ than binging down a whole box and feeling sick!


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