May 14

How ‘if:then’ statements get you better results


What happens on days when we can’t be bothered?


Whenever we embark on a program of change, we are going to come up against days when our motivation is at a low ebb.


However well we have done with setting a clear goal and mapping the habits to build to arrive at our goal, we are still going to have times when we feel like we cannot be bothered.


We need to have a plan in place for days and times like this, to give ourselves a little bit of leeway or flexibility sometimes.


This is when ‘if/then’ statements can become game changers.


For example;


If I don’t have the motivation for my workout tonight, then I will go on a 30 minute walk instead.


If I really don’t want to eat vegetables this evening, then I will have fruit for pudding.


If I don’t want to do my meditation today, then I will take time out at lunchtime and go for a walk.


If I don’t have time to prep all my food for the week ahead, then I will make one really good meal with protein.


If  I forget to pack my trainers, then I will put them on as soon as I get home and go for a jog.


If I don’t want to eat protein at every meal today, then I will eat it at two meals.


This idea can be applied to any part of your life.


If something is not going to happen, then what is going to happen instead?


What is going to happen instead that is going to allow you to still feel a success?


This is often the make or break moment with any ‘self-improvement’ plan.


This is when we risk throwing the whole plan out of the window and opening the bottle of wine!


If you just don’t do the behaviour that you had planned, then you can start to feel like you have failed.


This can be a downward slope, taking you away from your goal.


Have a plan in place for these days as they are bound to arrive!


Whether you decide to do something a bit easier or even a bit harder than the original plan doesn’t really matter.


As long as you can continue to feel successful, to build your habit ‘streak’, rather than to feel like you are failing.


You can then continue to get the affirmation that you are in control of your actions and still on the path to your goal.


This in turn encourages you to stay on that path.



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