May 19

How Emma “completely changed” her mindset around food.

Before working with Jonny, I wanted to lose body fat while also maintaining strength & progressing in my workouts.


I had been training consistently but felt that my nutrition was letting me down, as I was not seeing the results that I wanted to.


I signed up knowing that I wanted to give it 100% & I loved every aspect of the challenge.


During the time working with Jonny my mindset around food completely changed


I found the weekly layering of habits allowed me to make tiny life changes.


My mindset¬†towards food has now completely changed. Friends and family have sometimes asked me what I am ‘allowed to eat’ or ‘is brown bread better than white bread’ etc.


This challenge has taught me not to think like that. I now ensure that I eat mindfully.


I don’t restrict any foods (so don’t binge) but am aware of what the calorie content is of something.


I have been able to eat out over the last 4 months without feeling guilty; Instead I just manage my calories for that day/week.


I have lost 5kg but more importantly my body shape has completely changed.


8cm off my waist, 9cm off my stomach and 6cm off my hips!.


My training has massively improved – I have managed 3 pull-ups … first time ever getting a pull-up!!


PB’d my squat at the end of January & even though I did not PB my deadlift – I have actually increased strength even when losing weight!


I also survived my first CrossFit Open in October 2019 when on my first deficit!


If you are ‘on the fence’ about working with Jonny then I would say –


If you want to make a change, you have to take a step to change!


Throughout our whole life we are supported by various people (e.g. teachers / managers / personal trainers / counsellors etc)


These are to help us be better humans & this is how I would describe working with a nutrition coach.


Jonny has helped me be accountable & has supported me fully in the last 4 months.


I genuinely can’t thank him enough – it’s great to have someone supportive on my side!


Finally I would say that the last 4 months have been life changing for me.


I ¬†can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 brings!


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