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How Alex Lost Over 1 Stone Without Counting A Single Calorie


I’ve just finished working with Alex, who has lost over 1 stone in just about 5 weeks…

Before working with me, she wanted to “lose a few pounds”, but didn’t think any more than this was achievable really

She was already very active and knew what she should be eating, but for some reason, she just couldn’t lose the weight she wanted.

​She would start the week with good intentions, but by the end of the week would have “let it all go to bits”. Yet she was spending so much time, energy, tracking, thinking about it with no results to show for this effort.

She’d had a crap relationship with food since childhood and is now in her 40s, so when she first joined our challenge, she’d given up on the idea of weight loss and joined up purely to fix her relationship with food and be a better example to her 2 small children

She was tired of all the emotions tied up with food. It was frustrating not losing weight and feeling all the guilt when eating food she ‘shouldn’t’ have been.

​​It never stopped her from going out, but she wanted to enjoy it more and have a ‘normal’ relationship with food.

She took part in our 5-day challenge last month and then had 4 weeks of coaching with me.

This is what she had to say:​​​​

“During this time I completely changed the way I viewed food and eating. I realised I had no idea of hunger cues, how often I would eat past being full, that I had a perception of myself as ‘a big eater’, how often I would snack out of stress/boredom/when procrastinating, how I would go into sabotage mode.

​​These were concepts I was vaguely aware of before or might have read somewhere else, but it took working with Jonny to really apply them.

These days:

  • I don’t stress about going to restaurants to eat out and I order what I genuinely want. I don’t feel guilty after.
  • I eat regular-sized portions of cake, puddings etc when previously it had been none at all, or smashing the whole lot.
  • I enjoy eating my food more.
  • I think about food less.
  • I eat when I’m hungry and snack much less. I don’t miss the latter as most of the time it didn’t really register that I was eating it in the first place.
  • If I do go overboard one day, I just carry on as normal the next day. I don’t beat myself up, or try to over-exercise or massively reduce calories. It feels much kinder.

Ironically, I then lost the weight I initially wanted and reached a goal weight I had not thought possible.

​​I understand the work we did is a weight-neutral strategy, but as I was already active and ate good healthy main meals, the weight then dropped off.

​​My mindset had been the missing link all along but it took working with NSN to change it.
I have lost a stone in 6 weeks. (I was 11.6, aiming for 11.2 as I didn’t think 11 was achievable. I am currently 10.6).

I have lost 1.5 inches EACH on my waist, tummy and hips. I didn’t measure anywhere else apart from my bust where I lost nothing (I am ok with that!!)

I am moving well and performing so much better when training. I hadn’t realised what a difference it would make – running is easier and I shouldn’t have been able to do a strict pull-up a year into a pandemic, but I can still crack one out (this is good for me!!) which can only be down to weighing less.

​I feel great. I feel happier 

​​If you’re worried that signing up would start a dependence or go on indefinitely like eg WW/ Slimming World then don’t be.

​​This is not a cult and you are not signing up forever. Jonny is genuinely happy for you to get results and kick you out (with tools available should you need them!)

​​NSN is non-judgemental about your lifestyle and seems to understand the pressures of work/ training/ kids etc and is realistic about how to apply the process.​​

​​Trust the process. Trust Jonny.”


​​​​​​​​Now her results aren’t typical, I was very surprised with how well she did over such a short time

BUT, the habits and effort she put in absolutely ARE typical

And this is what we help all of our clients instil

We focus on what’s going to work for you, providing you with individualised habits, strategies, and fitness to fit YOUR life, your goals, your circumstances

And if you want results like Alex, then why not book a call to see how we can help?

Do so here —–> Book a call​​​​​​​​​​​​

I look forward to speaking with you


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