October 14

Had A “bad” day? Turn It Around This Way


I do not like the expression ‘bad day’ when used in relation to diet and exercise.


But, we have all done it, haven’t we?


We have had days where we haven’t done our steps,


we haven’t worked out,


we have eaten foods we did not plan to eat,


we couldn’t be bothered to cook,


we have not put ourselves first and now we feel like shit.


What can we do?


Well, one thing is for sure;


what we should not do is go into sabotage mode.


All too often in this scenario, we say, fuck it, I’ve blown it anyway so I may as well have wine, takeaway and ice cream.


This is really the equivalent of getting a flat tyre and being so fed up, you slash the other 3.


Obviously, that makes no sense at all!


If you are unfortunate enough to get a flat tyre, you pull over and either change it yourself or call for help.


In the same way we need to accept that crappy days will happen from time to time and that is ok.


We should, however, write a note that says;




and put it somewhere where we will always see it.


If you have a ‘bad day’ and you slip up, do not dwell on it.


The next morning, start your day with a protein packed, fibre rich breakfast and carry on.


It can be worth looking at why you had a ‘bad day’.


What were you thinking? What was happening?


Are there triggers you can learn and start to avoid?


Also, consider lowering the barrier when it comes to consistency.


  • You do not have to eat ‘clean’
  • You do not have to starve yourself
  • You do not have to ban all nice food
  • You do not have to be cooking super complicated recipes all the time
  • You do not have to exercise to exhaustion all the time


You can and should be eating delicious food.


If you try to ban all the nice foods, it is so much easier to ‘fall off the wagon’ and binge.


Do not make life too hard or too complicated.


When it comes to food, you need some protein, some carbs, a little fat and lots of veggies.


You can make simple and delicious meals using spice mixes and sauces.


Spice mixes will add very few calories and you can factor in any calories in the sauces.


A stir fry made with a packet sauce and noodles is still going to be a lot better than a takeaway!


If you have had a “bad” day, just dust yourself off and remember:




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