December 15

Habit Making 101


1) Look For How You Are Already Successful

What do you already do that makes you successful?

Are you successful at work because you prepare well?

Are you a good cook?

Do you have a good knowledge of food?

How can you apply your existing skills to your nutrition?

Focus on areas where you already do well and you will want to do more of that.

2) Choose Only One Area To Focus On

You may have loads of things you want to improve, but pick one.

Resist the temptation to try and change everything at once.

Choose one area to focus on at a time.

Go after the low hanging fruit to begin with.

Choose the easiest thing to change, that will have the biggest effect.

3) Set The Right Goals

Make your goals behaviour and habit focused.

Make sure they are things that are within your control.

Focus on the process rather than the outcome.

4) Break The Goals Down Into Small, Actionable Tasks

5) Choose One Of Those Tasks To Action At A Time

For example: One extra portions of vegetables today
One walk at lunchtime

6) Make It So Easy, You Can’t Say No

Make your task so clear, so actionable and so easy, you can not fail.

7) Confirm The Fit With Yourself

Check that you are ready, willing and able to commit to this change.

Do you have the knowledge?

The ability?

The self confidence?

Ask yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to complete this task?

If it is less than a 9/10, make the task easier.

8) Set Up Some Accountability

Get a habit tracker.

Tick things off on the calendar or journal.

Ask a friend to check on you.

Get a coach.

Set up something to help keep you on track.

9) Review Outcomes To Assess Progress

Are you actually doing it?

If not, why not? What could you change?

If yes, is it moving you in the right direction?

Are you feeling better?


You will be far more successful this way.


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