December 3

Focus On What To Add


Most of the time, when we embark on weight loss, we focus on the foods we will remove.

All fad diets and crazes are about removing some food, or group of foods.

Keto is about cutting out carbohydrates, as is Atkins.

Paleo is about only eating a small range of foods, supposedly based on what people used to eat.

Low fat diets are about cutting out fat.

They all focus on what you should take away.

It is a useful and positive mindset shift to look at what you can add in.

Focus on the positive action of improving your diet quality.

When you are focusing on the foods you can’t have, they are often all you can think about.

They become forbidden fruit and the diet becomes very hard to stick to.

These restrictions are unnecessary.

When you are presented with a wide choice of food, focus on what you can have.

How can you add more vegetables?

How can you add more lean protein?

How can you snack and eat mindfully?

Focus on positive actions to do with your dietary intake, as opposed to the negatives of what you “should not have”.

After all, at the end of the day, there is no food that you should not have!


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