December 7

Focus On The Awesome


Today I will tell the story of 2 brothers.

Both of them have arrived at a point in life, where they have decided to lose weight and improve their health.

The first brother focused very much on the things he did wrong.

He would chastise himself if he ate something he felt was ‘bad’.

He felt guilty if he didn’t exercise.

If he had a slip up, he would catastrophise it.

He would then go into sabotage mode, telling himself that he had ‘blown it anyway’.

He would go overboard, eating and drinking everything in sight, telling himself he would ‘start again on Monday’.

Every week, he repeated the same cycle.

He would start off being super strict with food and exercise.

At some point in the week, he would have a small slip up.

He would then chastise himself, tell himself how hopeless he was.

From there it was an easy journey to complete sabotage by the weekend.

Not only did he make no progress, he felt miserable and a failure.

The other brother focused on what he was already doing well.

He praised himself and felt good that he was already eating some vegetables.

He was already eating some lean protein and was already looking at ways to increase his activity.

As his focus was fixed on the things he was doing well, it was easy for him to increase and do more of them.

When he did have the inevitable slip up, he did not dwell on it.

He had some alcohol and enjoyed it.

He had some ‘junk food’ here and there, he enjoyed that too.

He did not worry and fret about it.

He just continued with his health promoting, positive actions.

He focused on how to do more of the awesome.

He also took his time, just looking to move the needle slowly in the right direction.

For example:

  • Increasing steps from 3000 to 4000;
  • Increasing vegetables from 2 portions to 3;
  • Increasing lean protein from 1 meal to 2;

This brother had good results.

He lost fat and gained muscle.

He also felt good about himself during the process!

Which brother would you rather be??


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