March 12

Focus on adding rather than taking away


Today I’m writing about what you can add in, rather than what you can take away. Now, this is because people, when they go on a healthy eating regime, they go on a diet or they’re trying to improve their health in whatever way, they will often think about the things that they’re having to do less of or remove rather than thinking of the things that they have to add in, do more of, or improve.


And I think this simple change of Outlook and mindset can be really really powerful in determining how long you stick with something. So, rather than thinking about the things that you’re wanting to give up or miss out on. Think about what you can add in instead, in terms of foods in terms of habits. Think about what you can do more of, what you can add in rather than what you’re going to be taking away, or what you’re going to be potentially missing out on. So, with food for example you’re thinking of eating more protein, eating more vegetables, walking more often, drinking more water, eating more fruit, eating more fibre, those kind of things.


Rather than thinking, I shouldn’t eat chocolate, I shouldn’t eat pizza, I shouldn’t eat this or this or this. Because firstly, those things aren’t true anyway, but those are the messages we tell ourselves when we try to lose weight. So rather than thinking negatively think positively think about what you add in. Similarly, with habits. So, like walking more, sleeping more, sleeping better, going to the gym more regularly, going for a bike ride on the weekend or going hiking. Maybe picking up an activity that you used to do as a kid that you no longer do like dance or playing a sport with some friends, or playing a sport with a local team, doing amateur dramatics whatever it might be. You’re thinking about adding in habits that contribute to your quality of life, that contribute to your daily activity levels, and these things are going to contribute to you, having a greater energy expenditure, greater healthier lifestyle, greater benefit in life in general, and you’re just going to generally feel like a fantastic human being.


By thinking about what you can add in, rather than what you can take away, not much more to say on this, so I think I’m going to end there. Let’s all try having a better mindset, around activity, around health, around food, around hobbies, sports, fitness, in life in general. Think about what you can add, rather than what you need or think you need to take away.


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