February 8

Focus on what you SHOULD eat, not what you SHOULDN’T


Too often today, the media focuses on what we shouldn’t be eating.


“Don’t eat carbs, they’ll make you fat”.


“Don’t eat bacon, that’ll give you heart disease”.


“Don’t eat popcorn, it gives you cancer”.


That kind of thing.


Rarely do we focus on what we SHOULD be eating.


Of course we do get some of that too, but it’s rarely useful information that’s 100% backed by science or evidence.


“Coconut oil in the morning raises your metabolism and turns you into a fat-burning machine!”


“Dark chocolate is a super-food so ya know, it must be good for you, right!?”


When statements aren’t 100% backed by evidence, you have reason to be sceptical.


The research is still split on the benefits of coconut oil, and yes, cacao does have useful nutrients as well, but these aren’t reasons to worship and over indulge on these foods.


The key is always balance.


Of course as we know, there aren’t foods that are 100% good or bad.


There are foods with higher calories and less nutrients, and those that are opposite.


For a healthy, balanced approach, we’re better to have intakes of around 85-90% of the higher nutrient-dense foods, and then 10-15% of the lower nutrient-dense foods.


So now we’re a third of the way through February a lot of you may not have started your new healthy regime, or may have fallen by the wayside already.


That’s OK.


The key is to keep focusing on what you SHOULD be eating, and not what you shouldn’t.


So what do I mean by this?


For the majority of your intake, include MORE foods that people wouldn’t argue with you about being healthy.


For example: no-one will argue against the health benefits of a giant salad bowl full of chicken, mixed green vegetables, and a few nuts on top.


However, if for your dinner you brought with you a microwave pizza and a lolly for dessert, there may be a few raised eyebrows or inquiries into your chosen lunch.


Rather than debating in your head whether food x really is a ‘super-food’ or whether you heard one time that bulletproof coffee was the key to shredded abs, focus on the basics that everyone deep down knows.


Eat more lean meats (tofu/fish for you vegan/veggies), plenty of vegetables, and eat less processed carbs (eat a small jacket potato rather than those crisps) and you’ll be doing as much as you need to.


The weight won’t fly off, but you’ll improve your energy and vitality day to day, and eventually you will see the change.


As always, focus on health and the long game and you will see dramatic lasting results.


Forget the detoxes, the gimmicks and the 6 week fix, as we all know that 6 weeks to 6 pack abs leads to 11 months of rebound and fat gain.


As always, just reach out if you have any questions.


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