November 25

Is Your FitBit Making You Fat?



Is Your FitBit Making You Fatter?

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying FitBits and activity trackers are bad.

Or a waste of money.

I have one myself.

The human race definitely needs to move more, and these trackers can be a great awareness tool for how little (or how much) you move.

Setting up a step target (we should all be aiming for 10,000 a day by the way) is great, and turning these into challenges with friends is another great way to increase your movement.

If they make you take the stairs instead of the elevator after you’ve been sat in your car before you go to sit at your desk then great, this is perfect.

The issue comes when you think those extra stairs means you get to treat yourself to some cake with your afternoon coffee.

Or because you’re halfway to your step goal, you deserve a dessert after your dinner.

Let me put it into perspective.

Per mile of walking (depending on size/bodyweight) you could burn somewhere between 65-100 calories (around 2,000 steps).

Per slice of cake (on average) = 300-500 calories (obviously very dependent on what type of cake you go for).


So if you did hit your 10,000 mark and you were very large you may be close to your 500 calorie mark to include a slice of cake.

However, then you’re simply balancing out your energy, and that walk will do you no good on the quest to weight loss.

Include the 10,000 steps and forget the cake, and you’ve now very easily created a 3-500 calorie deficit with no additional exercise.

Do this every day of the week and you have a formula for easy weight loss.

The problem comes with too little movement and then too much ‘treating yourself’.

Just because you took the stairs doesn’t mean you can have those extra biscuits, or a few pints after work.

These little indulgences will add up.

I do encourage you to increase your general movement though.

Take the stairs instead of the lift.

Park as far away as you can from the supermarket when you go shopping. Then carry your bags from the store to your car.

Doing these little things daily make a BIG difference over the long haul.

Just don’t use them as excuses to over indulge 😉



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