November 23

Fat Loss Is Simple NOT Easy


We all know that the science of losing weight is quite straightforeward.

Eat Less – Move More.

However, we also know that it is not at all easy to do.

There are some coaches who will try the ‘tough love’ approach.

You may have heard things like “You don’t want it enough”

Or, “You’re not motivated enough.”

The thing is, you cannot motivate people through pain or fear.

Even trying to wave the end reward in front of them, will not work.

Motivation always dies off.

The good news, is that lack of motivation is not the problem anyway.

In order to change effectively, we need to routinely work on changing our behaviours.

It is working away at changing our habits, that will help us when the shit hits the fan and we refer back to the automatic brain.

The other thing we need, is to find our deeper ‘Why?’.

For example:

  • Getting fitter and stronger to help live life to the full as you age.
  • Losing some weight to be able to run around with your kids.
  • Getting fitter to reduce blood pressure or blood sugar.

Reasons like these are really strong ‘Whys?’ which will inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough – which it always does.

The concept is simple, controlling your calories in and calories out;

But, it is not easy to put into practice consistently.

There are loads of things that can and do hold us back;

  • The words and actions of those around us
  • Food advertising and messaging
  • Our jobs
  • Our genetics that govern how much energy we burn
  • Exercise and Non Exercise Activity (NEAT)

Research has shown that genetics even govern how many calories we burn from fidgeting around!

There are people who just naturally burn more calories than others through this.

It is tough to eat fewer calories, especially if you are quite a sedentary person and/or you don’t enjoy exercise.

If you have every been told that you needed to try harder, or you didn’t want it enough;

That wasn’t actually what was wrong.

What was wrong was you didn’t have the chance to connect your bigger goals to your current values.

You need to be able to see how losing body fat, eating less calories and exercising more, connect to the end result you are truly looking for.

If you can connect up to your higher ‘Why?’ you will be able to work systematically by starting small and gradually building up.

If you have been struggling with your weight loss efforts, know that starting small, with one simple habit, is the best thing that you can do for your health.

That way, you are going to:

  • Know that you can do it
  • Know exactly what you need to do
  • Want to actually do it
  • Build up over time

Rather than:

  • Trying to do things you’re not sure of
  • Trying to do things you don’t really want to do
  • Trying to do too many thing at once
  • Becoming overwhelmed and giving up!


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