November 28

Hate Preparing Healthy Food? Enter The Slow Cooker…


Preparing healthy food can be a real pain in the…

Chopping and preparing all the ingredients can take a lot of time.

Let alone then following a step by step recipe for 30-60 minutes, in order to make a nice home-made meal.

The temptation to buy ready meals or takeouts can be great on days with low to no motivation.

For these times, you need a slow cooker.

Set it, then forget it, that’s the beauty of a slow cooker.

What To Cook?

Want to make a mouth watering chilli with tons of flavour? Easy.

Just throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker and put on low for 8 hours. (You can find the recipe to a great chilli in our Ebook!)

Do that in the morning before work, and your dinner is ready for you when you get home.

What about an awesome stew? Easy.

Just add chopped meat, vegetables, potatoes and stock to the slow cooker. Set it, forget it, and it’s done with no hassle.

You could even cook your breakfast the night before.

Know you need to be up and out early for that meeting across town?

OR you want to hit the 6am gym class before work?

Simply add oats, cinnamon, vanilla essence, skimmed milk, and some chopped nuts, and set your slow cooker to 4 hours on low overnight for the creamiest porridge you’ll ever have.

For more inspiration you can check out this site:

The best thing is, slow cookers are easy to come by and relatively cheap.

You can pick a decent one up for £20-£30. So there’s no reason to break the bank.

Plus with Christmas just around the corner, it could be the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen equipment.

Save time and hassle while still eating healthily with the slow cooker.



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