January 15

Emily’s Next Step Journey


Emily came to Next Step Nutrition in June last year, wanting to improve her body composition and her knowledge of nutrition. As a busy mum, it was hard to juggle all of life’s commitments and still put herself first. After an initial consultation, we started working together. I gave Emily initial targets to hit and checked in with her each week. This allowed her to continue to make progress and for me to adjust things as she went along.


The results speak for themselves, in our 5 months working together Emily:


  • Lost 20.9mm body fat (as measured by skin folds
  • Lost 3kg bodyweight
  • Lost 8cm around her waist
  • Got stronger and fitter in the gym


I’ll let her tell you about the process:


Why Did You Contact Next Step Nutrition?


“I needed some guidance on how to lose body fat whilst not compromising my training. I had tried for a year or 2 to drop a few kilos but kept hitting walls and always felt terrible after an indulgent weekend.”


Your Thoughts on Your Consultation?


“The consultation was really thorough, and Jonny really set me at ease. It almost makes you face up to facts as well such as not being 100% honest when it comes to what calories are going in and also how active I thought I was at work.”


What Did You Learn During Your Consult?


“I learnt that it’s ok to juggle calories around during the day and the week, to miss breakfast if I wanted a higher calorie meal. Even though I knew, but how important preparing most meals and snacks is if you want to the best chance to stay on top on of your goal and not get into a situation where you’ve no lunch!”


How Do You Feel About Going Forward?


“The main thing I feel I have achieved in this process is realising all food is food, no good or bad. I know what I need to eat to be healthy and keep on track of my goal, but I also know that if I want a burger the size of my head, I can eat it.

I know that it’s not going to affect my long term goal. I feel really confident in my food choices and know how to approach social situations without fearing the worst – weight gain!

I also am better at eating around my training.”


Anything Else You Would Like to Add?


“I have learned more from my time with Jonny than I have from a nutrition course and endless research.

He really puts things into simple terms and is really understanding about personal fears and anything you might be struggling with. The fact that he is so honest and clearly loves what he does makes him really approachable.

I feel in total control of my nutrition, understand my body and what it needs. 100% worth every penny!”


If you want great success like Emily, simply apply now to start your Next Step Journey today!


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