April 12

Eating Healthy On The Go


Often I hear that people cannot eat healthy because they simply do not have the time.

However, just because you may not have the time to prep all your food on a Sunday (or even do some cooking the night before), this doesn’t mean you have to let your food intake go to pot.

So what does healthy eating on the go look like for the busy individual?

Well it starts by what you define as healthy eating.

If you define healthy eating as maintaining a calorie amount, eating plenty of nutrient dense foods, and eating a variety of foods, then eating on the go shouldn’t be so terrifying or an excuse to sabotage your health.


Priority number 1: Get your protein in

Each meal should be based around some form of lean protein: fish/meat/tofu etc. Get this sorted first, 1-2 palms full depending on your size and gender.

Protein is not only necessary for growing and maintaining muscle mass, it also keeps us full, so fantastic for those of you who get the afternoon munchies.

This can be as simple as visiting the cooked meat aisle, grabbing some sushi, or buying a salad/burrito bowl with meat as the base.

For vegetarians, your protein is mainly going to come from fish (if you eat it), beans, and tofu/meat subs.


Priority number 2: Vegetables

Your goal should be 5-10 portions of colourful fruit and vegetables per day for optimal health and performance.

It’s like our grandma’s always told us: ‘eat your vegetables’.

Again this is as simple as buying a portion of fruit and a side salad from your local Tesco express, or getting plenty of added vegetables in your burrito bowl/salad (you can quickly see the theme of what my go-to options are).


Priority number 3: Fibrous carbohydrates

Fibre is necessary for optimal gut health and function.

Get these in through some whole grains, beans/legumes (starchy whole grain amount again dependant on your size/gender/goals).

If you’re not very active then limit your starch amount and prioritise beans/legumes for fibre and include more starch if you’re more active.

Going back to my favourites, this is as simple as buying some microwaveable rice (Sainsbury’s wholegrain is 60p a bag), or getting in the rice in your burrito bowl/having potatoes in your prepped salad.

1-2 cupped hands of starchy/fibrous carbohydrates per meal is your goal depending on size/gender/activity levels.


Priority number 4: Healthy Fats  

NB: Healthy fats for the debate of this article are all fats that aren’t seen as processed/trans fats.

Getting in plenty of fat is necessary for our hormonal health and keeps us full by slowing down digestion.

Nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, dairy and animal meats, all count towards your fat intake.

Obviously fats are also extremely calorie dense, so a small amount of 1-2 thumbs worth (depending on size/gender/activity as always) will be enough per meal.


Keep it simple and don’t use it as an excuse

 Just because eating on the go may not be as ideal as your famous home cooked lunch, doesn’t mean you have to wreck progress or lose sight of your goals.

Focus on the basic priorities of protein and vegetables, and fit in your carbs and fats as needed.


Thanks for reading, as always, questions are welcome in the comments



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