August 12

Does Enjoyment = “All The Food”?


I used to think that the only  way I could really enjoy an event with food and drink was to basically eat until I could barely move!


Now I am not going to tell you that nowadays, if I go to a wedding or away for a stag weekend I am eating mindfully, either.


I will probably go for it and really enjoy the food and drink on offer.


I particularly love weddings where there is a pick n mix table as this is literally my favourite thing.


However, these events are very infrequent.


If you are in a maintenance phase then you can easily have the odd event where you let yourself go a bit and not suffer weight gain.


If I have been on a stag weekend for example, then I will generally eat a bit less over the following few days, without really thinking about it.


I will be full the day after anyway and I will be a bit bloated as well.


My weight will naturally come back down and so will yours.


But,  if you are using every weekend as an excuse to massively overeat then it will become a problem.


If you are trying to lose weight at the moment then you also need a solution for these social events.


We have talked a lot about mindful eating recently and it is a really useful tool for managing your social life.


  1. Only eat when you are actually hungry
  2. Eat your food slowly, really taking time to savour and enjoy it
  3. Stop when you are satisfied – not when you are stuffed


It can work well if you commit to it.


When it comes to the drink, it may be worth setting a limit on the number of alcoholic drinks you are going to have.


Think about the event you are going to and what might be a sensible limit.


Take a look at what you have eaten and drunk in the week before.


Your enjoyment of a social event does not  have to be connected to eating and drinking everything.


Can you be content with just some rather than all?


  • Have the food you want
  • Really enjoy it fully
  • Choose not to have more


Focus on enjoying being with friends and family.


If you are questioned about your eating, be honest, don’t be pushed into another helping of pudding.


The same idea works with the buffet.


I know buffets can be really challenging because we often want to try all of it.


  • Have the food you really like
  • Have smaller portions
  • Stop and think after the first plateful
  • If you’re not really hungry, stop and wait
  • If it is a long event there will almost certainly be more opportunities to eat


Just because it is there doesn’t mean it needs to be eaten.


Separate your enjoyment of the event from the food.


The next day, listen to your body.


How hungry are you really?


You will eat less naturally if you really pay attention to your body.





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