October 26

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?


This ‘magic cure’ continues to do the rounds, but is there any truth in it?


Well, there is some low level evidence showing that in can help with insulin sensitivity.


However, it is unclear how it differs from any other vinegar in this.


But for helping with weight loss there is not much at all.


There is a very small amount of evidence to suggest it can help suppress the appetite.


In my opinion, it is more likely that the ‘health halo’ encourages people to believe it will help.


With this belief front and centre, they are then much more committed to making the necessary changes in their nutrition and exercise.


So then it becomes the knock on effect rather than the vinegar itself.


When people have committed money and faith in a product, they are already more committed to the goal.


There is also the matter of not wanting to lose face,  if someone is spending a lot of money and/or drinking something unpleasant every day.


So, there is some very minor evidence suggesting some help with insulin resistance and appetite regulation.


Take a look at examine.com – link: https://examine.com/supplements/acv/


You will see that the magnitude of outcome in all the studies is either nil or minor.


So, if you eat a load of calories and then drink apple cider vinegar, you will not see the results you want.


I would say, leave it!


Spend your money on fish oils and vitamin D.


Things that have far more evidence based backing for helping  with weight loss and health.


Then spend your time on the big rocks:


Changing your habits around nutrition and,


Changing your habits around exercise;


However boring that may be when compared to a magic cure.


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