November 25

Do You Know Where You Are Really Spending Your Time?


Most of us wish we had more hours in the day.

I know when I get to the end of a day, I can often wonder where on earth all the time went!

You may feel that time passing quickly, at the moment, is a bit of a blessing!

Getting us through this period of lockdown as quickly as possible.

However, it does seem that no matter how efficient you are, there are always things left on the list;

Or, there is time you wish you could have spent on something else.

Stop and think.

Are you always saying you have no time?

Is it your excuse for not being able to fit in exercise, or other things that would do you good?

How we spend our time is often as much a habit as most of the other things we do.

Do you find you go through the day being pulled backwards and forwards by events that crop up?

Do you spend hours replying to emails and messages?

How about all the social media channels?

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok etc.. etc..

Do you pick up your phone every time it pings?

Do you then complain that you do not have time to focus on your own health and fitness?

Is your own well being continually put onto the back burner due to lack of time?

The thing is, there will always be things that crop up and demand our attention.

Sometimes, there are genuine emergencies that we have to deal with then and there.

The rest of the time, we need to be pro-active with our time management.

I recently spent a few days doing a ‘time diary’.

Every 30 minutes throughout the day, I stopped and noted down what I had been doing for the previous 30 minutes.

It’s a bit laborious but what a revelation!

Getting it down in black and white.

How much time on WhatsApp, on Facebook, replying to emails, talking to clients, producing content and so on.

How much of the day was spent on real work and how much on procrastination.

Before you worry about not having enough time, do the time diary.

Learn where you are actually spending your time.

See where you may be getting sucked into time wasting.

Eliminate the time wasting and streamline your other tasks.

Emails do not have to be replied to as they come in.

If you set yourself a 30 minute window for emails, 2 or 3 times a day, you will be focused and get through them more quickly.

The same can apply to social media and messages.

Also exercise!

You are now time blocking – purposefully spending your time.

You will be able to get more done in the same 24 hours.

Make your exercise and health a top priority in your new, improved schedule.

You will be much more productive as a result.


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