September 30

Do You Actually Need To Lose Weight?


A lot of people who come to me wanting to lose weight, are already quite slim.


Often, what they really want is to be more ‘toned’, to have better muscle definition.


Perhaps they have a little bit of a tummy.


A fairly slim person with a little bit of body fat around their stomach.


For these people, putting on muscle should be their goal.


If this is you and you are new to weight training, then focussing on body composition should be your goal.


Losing a bit of body fat and gaining a bit of muscle can often be achieved at maintenance calories, or just a very, very small deficit.


Then it comes down to making sure your step count is high, you are training with weights and eating plenty of protein.


Unfortunately, a lot of people in this situation put themselves on a strict diet.


They eat very little food.


They don’t focus on protein and they don’t train.


They then end up losing more muscle mass, rather than the little bit of fat they are trying to lose.


If you are an intermediate in weight training and you can’t seem to shift a little bit of body fat, have you actually fallen into the trap of just not eating enough?


Not eating enough protein will not allow you to build and retain muscle.


Therefore if you are under-eating you could just be losing the muscle you are trying to develop.


Re-clarify your goals.


Do you really need to lose weight?


Focus on putting on muscle:


  • Go to a maintenance calorie intake
  • Train hard 3 to 5 times a week
  • Eat plenty of lean protein


You will put on muscle, you will see changes in your body composition.


You will see changes in your muscle tone.


This is particularly important for women.


I often see women who believe they need a strict diet when really they should be focusing on training and building muscle.


You do not need to be in a massive surplus to build muscle, so you do not need to worry about putting on a lot of weight.


Focus on lean protein, plenty of sleep and plenty of training.


Your body will start to tone up.


If you have ‘problem’ areas, like your bum or your stomach, you can train those areas.


You cannot ‘spot reduce’ body fat but you can enhance these areas through training.


This will give you a toned, muscular physique.


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