July 22

Do We Need To Curb Mid-Week Drinking?


Have you embraced the bottle during lockdown?


I know I have certainly enjoyed getting craft beer deliveries.


At one stage Natalie was becoming concerned at the frequency of these deliveries and wondering just how quickly I was actually getting through them!


There is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink.


A cold beer on a sunny day is really part of our culture.


The good weather we have enjoyed for a lot of the lockdown period has certainly made those beers much more inviting at the end of a day.


But, have we perhaps been using  drink a bit more often to help us deal with the stress and boredom of lockdown?


Drinking now and then, because you enjoy it, as part of a well rounded diet and while managing your overall calories is fine.


It will not:


  • Automatically take you away from your diet and fitness goals.
  • Lead to automatic fat gain.
  • Stop you burning fat.
  • Eat up all your muscle.


It may  affect your sleep if you consume it too close to bedtime, so the ideal is to have it earlier in the evening and allow your body to metabolise it before bed.


A moderate amount of alcohol within a balanced diet is no bad thing.


However, is it so good to use it to take the edge off?


Is it ok to automatically open a bottle as soon as you finish work because you are stressed out?


How about if you are having a few glasses of wine to help calm your anxiety?


If you find yourself doing this then it is time to think about curbing it.


Think about other ways to manage stress and overcome anxiety.




How do we manage without a drink?


Well; How much do you play?


How much stuff do you do just for the fun of it?


It is these things that will help us manage and overcome in a much healthier way.


If you are chronically stressed because of work, lack of work, lockdown, or other reason, think back to things you have done in your life just  for the joy of it.


  • Play a game (electronic or traditional).
  • Sing.
  • Dance.
  • Do a jigsaw.
  • Have a zoom call with your mates.
  • Read a book.
  • Take a bath (with or without the candles!).
  • Meditate.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Listen to music – maybe some old records…


Use these things rather than alcohol.


You will be happier, healthier and you will automatically reduce your calories without trying!



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