August 26

Could Journaling Be Your Cure?


Journaling is used in all sorts of different walks of life.


It is used in performance, in therapy, in nutrition, in work.


It is proven to help organise our thoughts and be accountable.


There is something powerful about writing things down by hand:


  • Writing things down helps you record things that have your attention
  • It helps clear your mind
  • It clarifies goals, priorities and intentions
  • It helps keep you motivated
  • It helps you to recognise and process emotions
  • It encourages daily progress
  • It enables a higher level of thinking and therefore, more focussed action
  • It develops your sense of gratitude.


A thought journal can be really helpful if you have anxious thoughts;


You can then challenge the thought, look at the evidence for it, is it true?


A feelings journal can be a great way to clarify how certain situations make you feel.


A food journal is useful for learning how much and what we are really eating.


A cravings journal is great for learning what triggers our cravings;


For example, do we always crave pudding just because we have finished dinner?


Do we also crave something mid afternoon at work because we are a bit bored or tired?


Once you have raised awareness about these things, you can then start to overcome them.


  1. You become aware of how your thought patterns influence your behaviours
  2. Your triggers – the things that cause these thought patterns
  3. You can then choose other actions


Journaling is a very powerful tool for creating new habits and new behaviours.


The key then, is to be consistent.


Keep your journal with you.


Do it on a regular basis.


Build that habit of putting pen to paper.


Since I have used a journal for work I have had greater success.


In terms of ‘getting things done’ it has been fantastic.


As a weapon against procrastination it is hard to beat.


This same weapon can be used against overeating, anxious thoughts and many other things.


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