December 2

Consistency Wins The Race


Consistency is the most important thing that doesn’t sell.

Quick fixes are sexy.

We are all hoping to find that one secret trick to achieving what we want more quickly and easily.

Fat busting teas and shakes are always tempting.

We want an easy answer.

Whatever industry you are in, whatever goal you have, there will be something out there.

A quick fix that will almost certainly not work.

Consistency and time are the 2 secret ingredients that no one talks about.

They do not sell.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, your results are going to take longer than you’d like.

We need to be consistently doing things over and over to get results.

Take training for example:

You decide to follow a weight training program.

You follow it for 3 weeks and decide it is not working.

You try taking up tennis, after a couple of weeks you decide that is not working.

You take up wrestling…..

You get the idea!

You will not be seeing good results.

The same is true with your nutrition.

You try intermittent fasting for a couple of weeks.

You decide it’s not working and try the Atkins diet for a week.

Then you switch to another.

Nothing seems to work.

However, whatever you do will work as long as you abide by the principles that underly that method.

Take building muscle as an example.

Time under tension will get results.

As long as you progressively overload consistently over time and recover well.

It is the same with running, cycling and other sports.

Improving takes time.

Consistently doing something 70/80% well, is better than doing something 100% well for only 50% of the time.

Resist the temptation of the quick fix.

Apply the principles consistently over time.

If you are looking to lose weight, remember that calories come 1st.

Food quality counts, in that the higher calorie, higher processed food is not as filling.

So; try to stick to 80% nutrient dense, less processed foods and 20% higher calorie, more processed.

Put calories 1st and worry about the rest as and when you can.

You will get results over time.

It will take longer than you think.


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