masterclass & Course

How Self-Compassion Leads To Life Long Weight Loss


What you’ll discover in this masterclass and course


How Self compassion helps you lose more fat and keep it off for longer


The simple trick to banish the "fuck it" sabotage moment for good


How to discover YOUR best weight and to banish poor body image and body dysmorphia


Bulletproof habits to say goodbye to stress and emotional eating


Tips and tricks to banish those "I can't believe what's happened" moments where you wonder where it all went wrong


How to never feel "off the wagon" ever again

Your Hosts

Jonny Landels

Founder, Next Step Nutrition

A lover of craft beer, good coffee and burgers, Jonny is dedicated to helping people live life to the max. As a previous "yo-yo" dieter, Jonny knows the mindset shifts necessary to drop fat and keep it off for good.

Shaun Samonini

Coach, Next Step Nutrition

Shaun, father, husband, singer, previous gym owner... He's struggled with his body image, his weight, his mindset and relationship with food for seemingly his entire life. Until recently. Developing better self-compassion led him to be a better man, father, leader and person.

Charlie Beestone

Founder, CB Nutrition

Author of brilliant emails and all-round good bloke. Charlie is sick of the fitness industry being "one way or the highway" and uses his time helping people bring fitness and nutrition into their life, not the other way around.