May 2

Charlie’s Next Step Journey


Meet Charlie

Charlie is a competitive CrossFit athlete in the U.K and Europe. Charlie also works as a CrossFit coach and gym instructor, meaning a very busy schedule balancing training, coaching, and regular life.

She came to me after having previous ‘meal plans’ from a nutrition coach. Although these plans were able to provide Charlie with some decent results, she was frustrated that she was unable to maintain the progress and got bored sticking to the exact same foods and meal timings.

That’s where I came in.

With her nutritional knowledge already being quite high, we worked together tracking her calories and macronutrients, allowing Charlie to know whether she was eating enough to fuel her performance and aesthetic goals.

I taught her the principles of nutrition rely on total intake, and how to time her nutrition appropriately regarding when she trained and how many sessions she had on.

This allowed Charlie to choose her own foods and make meals she enjoyed, with some guidance from me, and allowed her to fit her food around her schedule, rather than following a fixed and set plan.

What Charlie Had to Say:

“I have really benefitted from the last 12 weeks withNext Step Nutrition, all the information you have given me has been brilliant and you have given me the tools to be able to manage my own nutrition without relying on someone so thank you for that.

I fully intend to keep what we have done going as I feel and look good I think! This has been the best nutrition plan I have done because you have given me the tools to look after myself and not rely on anyone- for that I thank you!”


If you’re ready to begin your journey, then simply get in touch┬áto get started today!


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