Form New Habits To Drop Fat, Tone Up & Begin A New Year's Resolution That ACTUALLY Works

  • Sick of setting new year's resolutions that fall through? Studies show that only 8% of people year in year out stick to their new goals. Want to be part of the 8% that succeeds in getting in shape this year?
  • An 8-week structured program helping you get the results you want WITHOUT restricting foods, getting you to count calories or do other unsustainable methods.
  • The support of people just like you, along with a team of certified nutritionists, helping you overcome what's stopped you from getting results in the past

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Let me tell you about a friend of mine, we'll call him James.

James used to believe he had to eat only clean food or he would get massively fat.

The issue was, he absolutely hated eating 'clean'.

As someone with a big sweet tooth, it was impossible for him to stick to

Plus, the foods he banned, like potatoes, cereal and bread, were some of his favourites.

So what happened?

He would stick to his diet for 50% of the time

And the other 50%?

He would binge on 'cheat days' like crazy

This left him bigger than ever and sadder than ever

Until James came to us

We showed him how to eat his favourite foods and lose weight at the same time

We also showed him how he could do this without tracking all his calories and without being a boring bastard by prepping all his food into Tupperware

We gave him real-life strategies so he could live his life and reach his goals

Now, James can eat with his friends, his family, go on holidays and live in the body he wants

But it took the work to get there

If his back story sounds familiar, read on.

It's not your fault you're stuck in this cycle.


Bulletproof Habits

The 8-week group program to help you:

  1. Improve your relationship with food and abandon the all or nothing mindset holding you back
  2. Eat all the foods you crave and get the body you desire
  3. Challenge your mind and break through the psychological blocks holding you back
  4. Form new habits and abolish old ones that are stopping you from the results you deserve
  5. Join the 8% of people who ACTUALLY succeed at their NY Resolutions

Revealed on this page

  • The crucial mistake you're making when trying to lose weight, learn why it's not your fault.
  • Why diet companies are lying to you to steal your money and keeping you confused.
  • How to overcome your sabotage mode and stay consistent, gain control of your cravings without giving up the food you love (seriously).
  • Why 'weekend-itis' and thinking all or nothing is halting your progress AND what to do about it
  • How this program will keep it simple for you and deliver everything to your phone so you save time, keep things efficient and can still live your life.

If you've struggled with these same mindset issues, with cravings, energy drops, all or nothing syndrome, wondering how to fit in alcohol, how to break bad habits and easily build new ones while staying consistent and not hating the food you eat, this program is for you.

The Crucial Mistake

We've worked with 100s of people to help them lose weight, improve their health and build great habits to know the biggest mistake everyone makes is to remove certain foods from their diet.

It seems sensible at first, 'these foods are bad for me so I shouldn't eat them'.

It's done with the right intentions, but unfortunately, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest and we end up eating them anyway! And more so!

This makes us feel like shit

We feel like we've failed our diet, we've messed everything up, so the only answer is to eat and drink everything because what's the point!?

Sound familiar?

There's no need to do these things! You can eat and drink all the finer things in life and still lose weight!

You've probably tried calorie counting and that didn't work because it was time-consuming, boring, and you often forgot to do it

Using our research-proven mindful eating strategies alongside simple habits we'll show you how you can improve your body image, your confidence and your fitness without tracking everything you eat AND without feeling guilty

We'll also show you how to manage cravings, how to fit in the food you love without feeling shit and how to overcome that sabotage mode that's crippling you.

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Why Diet Companies Are Lying To You

Diet companies make money from you failing.

They don't actually care about you succeeding, which is why they get you to focus on the wrong things.

They tell you to focus on banning sugar, removing 'syns', not eating bread, or cutting out carbs altogether...

This is why diets don't work long-term. They focus on making life too hard and too restrictive until you give in and put all the weight back on.

And then guess what?


There is a better way

In Bulletproof Your Habits™ we will show you how to lose fat while eating the foods you enjoy.

Yes, we focus on nutrient-dense food, but we'll also show you how no food has to be banned and how to account for them without tracking.

There is no such thing as bad food, just bad diets.

We will teach you how to eat your favourite foods AND lose weight. Prosecco, wine, beer, pizza, chocolate, biscuits, are all on the table.

Just maybe not at once 😉

We will teach you how to moderate these foods so you can enjoy them, live your life, and make progress.

No longer will you have to miss out on parties and social events with friends in the fear of 'ruining your diet'.

And you won't have to be the wanker that brings Tupperware to a dinner party...

This is NOT a Diet

It is a nutrition program to set you on the path.

We've created this program so we could help all of you out there who are sick and fed up of trying to lose a bit of fat, improve their health and stay consistent but are getting stuck and tripped up by all the myths, confusion and saboteurs out there.

Build Weekly

We will give you a simple habit to follow each week, but don't be fooled, these simple habits have big results.

Through daily accountability posts, daily help, support from the group and easily digested email education along the way, we pretty much guarantee your success.

Demolish Your Barriers

The biggest barriers to you getting your results are in your head.

No one's ever told you that, have they?

Using cutting-edge science, we will help you cut through your biggest enemy, yourself, so you can finally get the results you deserve.

We start on Monday 18th January for only 8-weeks. 

Here's how to get started:


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Join The Group!

You'll get instant access to our client only app where we you will fill out your information and let us know about you!

This app will be where you will get weekly habits, daily accountability posts and join the group of others on the same journey as you - shown to sky rocket your results!


Smash Your Barriers

Overcome your worst enemy: yourself!

Using our cutting-edge behavioural science and our simple, but proven method of weekly habits, you will drop fat, tone up, improve your relationship with food and finally get results you can keep.

Will it work for you?

You're wondering if I'm the same as the rest of the charlatans out there. I don't blame you as there are many

But here's some words of proof to show you why we're different than the other nutrition coaches out there.

Annie Preston - lost 5kg

It’s just enough to think about and incorporate into your daily life! For working people who have busy lives, it does work and is simple enough to follow.

Simon French - lost 5kg

"Over the 8-weeks the drip-feed of information was spot-on and covered everything I would have expected to find within a group such as this one."

Vee Sambhi - lost 4kg

The simple habits made all the difference. They built up so well and were easy to fit in a busy life. I still had beer, takeaways and more. Didn't even feel like I was 'on a diet'

You Can Join Us For Less Than £17/Week

This program is all delivered digitally, straight to the app on your phone. We fit the program around you.

You can read the emails in your own time and get access to the help sheets you need each week through the client app. With us and the rest of the group supporting you every step of the way, your success is almost guaranteed (you just have to put in a little bit of work).

We have 3 options for you, pay weekly, pay monthly, or all up-front for a small discount.

We didn't want this program to be inaccessible to those that needed it.

If you want to enrol 24 hours before the public AND save 20% off the price, enter your details below to join the PreSale List:

What's Included?

Bulletproof Habits™ includes:

  • an initial program handbook PLUS emails every single day keeping you on track and helping you build easy habits (£97 value)
  • over 100 healthy recipes and tons of advice sheets so that you never struggle knowing what to eat for breakfast (worth £47)
  • client only app for group support, daily tips, accountability which has been shown to maximise people's results (worth £47)
  • mindset and behaviour change strategies and sheets to help you overcome sabotage mode, cravings, all or nothing attitudes and perpetual 'weekend-itis' (worth £47)
  • daily habit tracking through the client only app (which is so simple to use) PLUS weekly group check-ins to ensure you're on track and getting the results you want (worth £97)
  • we'll help you look beyond the scale and see progress in your behaviours, your body composition, your clothes and more to keep you on track (priceless)
This program could easily be valued at over £300

But it's going to be yours for just £117 for 8-weeks

Less than £17/week

That's what you'd spend easily on coffee for the week, half the price for a good meal out for one

And that's when comparing your health to luxuries.

Because we know that your health is not a luxury, it's a necessity,
which is why you need this program.

And we can't promise we'll run this program again at this cost.

If you:
  • are fed up with being 'afraid of social events'
  • are sick of sabotaging yourself
  • are constantly getting somewhere then getting nowhere
  • are fed up with strict food rules and tracking everything
  • want to learn how to form new habits simply while changing your mindset and relationship with food

You've got two choices.

Close this page, carry on doing what you're doing (which doesn't work) and feel the constant feelings of annoyance, shame and embarrassment


Join the PreSale List now and get your link for just £2.65/day and join us on a new path on Sunday 10th January


Q: Will you give me a meal plan?

A: No, we don't believe in meal plans because you want to eat the food you want, not what we think you should. You'll get recipes, example meal plans and help sheets to guide your choices.

Q: Will we get workouts?

A: No, we will encourage and help you to be more active doing the stuff you want to do.

Q: Is there direct contact?

A: We have communication through the group app, we can't offer direct contact but we will have a check-in with you at the 4 and 8-week mark.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: We usually offer one, but not for a program this cheap. We want you to commit so you put in the work

Q: Can I defer my place?

A: If life hits you hard, we will defer your place to the next program or refund you

Q: How does it work again?

A: You'll get daily emails, weekly habits to track (on an app straight to your phone) and you'll have message access to us and the group to keep you accountable.

Q: Do I have to track calories?

A: NO! We will do all of this without touching MyFitnessPal.

Can you really put up with all or nothing thinking, sabotage mode and your good/bad relationship with food causing you to feel sluggish, slow, overweight and crappy any more?

If not, then click below to overcome your barriers, form new habits, break bad ones and build a new you

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