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Brad Bennett - Lost Over 20kgs

Before working with Next Step Nutrition, I was desperate to find consistency and balance with knowledge regarding my food and exercise.

In the time working with them I've achieved 20kgs of weight loss and a shift of focus to more performance and task orientated goals which I’m really enjoying. Including upcoming running events.

My self-confidence has massively improved and many things that I didn’t think I used to be able to I now do. I have so little less excuses.

They have worked with me to give me the confidence, knowledge and facts about nutrition and helped me get on the path to where I want to be. Without them, I’d still be stuck in the crazy cycle I was.

Jo Chamberlain - Lost Over 30kgs

Before working with Next Step Nutrition, I felt like a failure as I’d lose a bit of weight and then put it (and more) back on again.

But through working with them I learnt how to eat in a way that I could sustain. Completely changed my relationship with food and was able to maintain my weight loss. 

During my time working with them and the following years implementing the strategies they taught me and the mindset they allowed me to form around food, I have lost and kept off over 30kg.

If I could go back in time I would work with them all over again. The confidence they helped me build in my ability to lose weight will forever stay with me.

Throughout the whole process I was able to enjoy life events like holidays, birthdays etc whilst still losing weight.

Most importantly, they provided education meaning I continued to lose and maintain my weight loss long after working with them. 

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Laban Cook - Lost 20kgs & Counting

Before working with Next Step Nutrition, I struggled maintaining any weight loss.

It was embarrassing being overweight. It was also embarrassing to lose weight multiple times only to gain it back in six months or a year.

While working with NSN, I improved my relationship with food and was able to build many small habits that help me enjoy food while maintaining a calorie deficit over time.

I have lost over 40 pounds over twelve months while still enjoying a whole variety of foods. I have built habits that include exercising 4 days per week and focusing on workout enjoyment, increased protein intake, drinking more water, increasing my average daily step count from 8,500 last year to 11,500 this year.

If you're like me and have spent years overweight or unable to maintain weight loss, focusing on what the scales say won't help you or make you feel any better. Jumping onto quick fix fads or 8 week extreme diets will not address the underlying issues.

Instead, work with NSN to develop a healthy mindset, identify and address the psychological barriers that sabotage you, and build many small healthy habits that accumulate over time to lose weight and keep it off. I will finish this year as a thin, vibrant, healthy person for the first time in over twenty years.

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Jenny Landels - Lost Over 20kgs

I was scared that if I didn’t track my food then I would be out of control and the weight would just pile back on

I had convinced myself that I basically had no self-control where certain foods were concerned. 

Slowly but surely I learned that if I really wanted something I could have it. That I could learn to balance out highs and lows in terms of calories, just by using common sense. 

I learned new habits that I have maintained and I employ now with ease. I have taken on a new identity now. I am a fit, healthy person who eats well and goes to the gym regularly.

I have been on cruises and been to family weddings, all of which I have enjoyed fully. I have eaten and drunk without feeling deprived.

One of the best things for me has been going shopping for clothes and actually choosing things that I like rather than settling for things that fit and cover me up! 

I have so enjoyed dressing up and going out and getting compliments from family and friends. Dancing on nearly empty dance floors on cruises without feeling embarrassed - all these things I wish I hadn’t waited till my 50s to do.

Shaun Samonini - Lost Over 10kgs

Before working with NSN, I always felt like I wasn't in control of eating and my weight.

This made me feel powerless.

After working with NSN I gained an understanding of my inner dialogue. I felt in charge and had power over my decisions. I was able to be flexible without ever losing control. It was eye-opening and led me to question everything I'd read. I learned to trust a coach.

I lost over 10 kgs in about a year. Steady weight loss, muscle gain. My body changed shape.

Trust that NSN want the best for you in all areas of your life. The answers aren't out there, they are a phone call away to someone who actually cares about your well being and your journey. 

I loved it so much I then became a coach for NSN!

Rea Lawrenson - Lost Over 8kgs

Before working with NSN I struggled with weight loss - I was trying to lose weight by restricting my calories but I was massively under-eating and then overeating to compensate meaning my weight wasn’t going down 

This made me feel disheartened - I didn’t know what was best to try next and was overwhelmed by the various diets on the market

Through working with NSN I have developed a much better understanding of flexible eating, managing a calorie deficit and what I am choosing to eat. I am eating more nutritious food and losing weight consistently.

I dropped over 8kg in 12 weeks or so through simple changes like adding protein powder to my porridge.

I absolutely wouldn’t hesitate to work with NSN - they educate you for life so you can manage your weight for the long term. It’s an education not a diet!

They keep the programme clear and easy to follow which is why but works! You aren’t obsessed with good/bad but appreciate normal life and how to flex to fit eating well into this

Ben Landels - Lost Over 8kgs

I'm an avid socialite with a busy job who always has to burn the candle at both ends. I love food, drink (the alcoholic kind) and going out with friends too much. My approach to managing a very average diet has always been to try and 'out-exercise' it. I failed at this.

I wanted to lose weight and tone up whilst improving strength and fitness in the gym. To do this without having to sacrificing the social lifestyle.

My brother runs NSN and I'd always had bits and pieces of advice but felt it was time to get some real accountability and go all in. I knew going with Jonny was a no brainer because I see first hand how much he loves his craft and dedicates time, effort and money to continue developing his knowledge and expertise! In addition to being a great personable guy who appreciates the need for a "flexible dieting" approach to match your individual lifestyle choices.

Friends would always would ask me- "how the hell have you managed to lose weight whilst still going out all the time eating and drinking!?" And that's the biggest single learning for me. And I managed to lose c.20 pounds over a 6 month period along the way.

I learnt about the importance of calories, weighing and measuring portion sizes (you'll be surprised/heartbroken!), macronutrient priorities (I wasn't eating enough protein!) and the fact that most people do not understand what or how much they are eating. I learnt a number of techniques that allowed me to "balance" my diet around key social and work events that work for my busy lifestyle.

I also have a perennial sweet tooth (i.e. "fat b*stard") so learning tricks of the trade to fulfil that craving without blowing cals was awesome ;-) Along with some other good dietary and recipe ideas.

I feel great about moving forwards. Through NSN and Jonny I have been equipped with a wealth of knowledge about food and different techniques & levers that allow me to manage a busy lifestyle, whilst still doing (and eating/drinking!) all the things I want to.

I don't track cals, weigh or measure any food anymore - but I had to do it for 6 months to really appreciate and understand all those factors and how they play a part. Nobody "doesn't have time" for this by the way, it really wasn't a big deal when you get into the routine. Different things will work for different people however, and that's the importance of having a tailored plan that fits with your lifestyle!

Charley Bothamley - Lost Over 5kgs

Before working with NSN, I always struggled with losing weight and feeling good about myself.

I felt like I had a load of excuses ready and if I slipped up slightly then it was ‘fuck it’ mode.

After working with NSN I realised that nothing is good/bad and that the process of weight loss continues much after you’re happy with where you’re at. The hardest thing is to maintain.

I realised that the best weight to be is the one that allows you to live the best possible life and not miss out on time with family/friends.

Thank you for your patience and waiting for me to catch up in terms of thinking and tracking macros is not the only way!

If you're on the fence about working with NSN go for it but don’t expect a quick fix.

Beckie Wrend - Lost Over 5kgs

You’ve ‘been there’ and know what it’s like to want to lose weight and improve. You appreciated the fact I have a 9-5 desk job and really helped provide solutions when things at work got stressful and I couldn’t plan for it. You haven’t told me what to eat and given a diet plan, but instead, you’ve educated me and let me make my own decisions and learn from those (that sounds really cheesy but it’s true!)

Before working with Jonny I was in a sad cycle of eating to the extreme (not even on weekends, just in general) and then trying to restrict my diet way too much to compensate. I had no energy to train because of this.

But through working with Next Step Nutrition I have become better educated with meal choices, especially when eating out or on the go. I  have an amazing relationship with food now, I don’t see foods as good or bad, I don’t restrict myself, instead, I plan ahead. I have much more energy and motivation to train: 1. because I feel like I look better so I want to continue to improve and 2. because I generally have more energy.

Jonny has been a fantastic coach and I’d highly recommend!

I’ll leave you with this…

If you feel like all you’re doing is losing weight and putting it back on.

If you feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle.

If you feel like you're in desperate need of a new relationship with food.

If you feel like you need to solve this now to avoid health issue in the future.

Then this call will change all of that.

And give you a window into a future where you have a new relationship with food, a new mindset, new habits and new behaviours which bring you the lifelong health you're looking for.

Speak soon?

- Jonny

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