December 10

Ben’s Next Step Journey

Burning the candle at both ends

It can be tough to prioritise your health and fitness when you have a busy job and social life.

However, Ben has shown that it is possible.

In our time together, Ben enjoyed meals out, weekends away, weddings, all without sacrificing his enjoyment of these events.

He did have to pay the piper somewhere, and so I taught him strategies in managing his caloric intake when he could, to find the balance between weight loss and enjoying life.

His results speak for themselves, and I’ll let him explain his experience working with Next Step Nutrition.

About you:

“I’m an avid socialite with a busy job who always has to burn the candle at both ends. I love food, drink (the alcoholic kind) and going out with friends too much. My approach to managing a very average diet has always been to try and ‘out-exercise’ it. I failed at this.”

Top goals:

“Lose weight and tone up whilst improving strength and fitness in the gym. To do this without having to sacrifice the social lifestyle.”

Why did you choose Next Step Nutrition?

“My brother runs NSN and I’d always had bits and pieces of advice but felt it was time to get some real accountability and go all in. I knew going with Jonny was a no brainer because I see first hand how much he loves his craft and dedicates time, effort and money to continue developing his knowledge and expertise!

In addition to being a great personable guy who appreciates the need for a “flexible dieting” approach to match your individual lifestyle choices.”

What did you learn/achieve through our time together?

“Friends would always ask me- “how the hell have you managed to lose weight whilst still going out all the time eating and drinking!?” And that’s the biggest single learning for me. And I managed to lose c.20 pounds over a 6 month period along the way.

I learnt about the importance of calories, weighing and measuring portion sizes (you’ll be surprised/heartbroken!), macronutrient priorities (I wasn’t eating enough protein!) and the fact that most people do not understand what or how much they are eating. I learnt a number of techniques that allowed me to “balance” my diet around key social and work events that work for my busy lifestyle.

I also have a perennial sweet tooth (i.e. “fat b*stard”) so learning tricks of the trade to fulfil that craving without blowing kcals was awesome 😉 Along with some other good dietary and recipe ideas.

How do you feel about going forward?

“I feel great about moving forward. Through NSN and Jonny I have been equipped with a wealth of knowledge about food and different techniques & levers that allow me to manage a busy lifestyle, whilst still doing (and eating/drinking!) all the things I want to.

I don’t track kcals, weigh or measure any food anymore – but I had to do it for 6 months to really appreciate and understand all those factors and how they play a part. Nobody “doesn’t have time” for this, by the way, it really wasn’t a big deal when you get into the routine. Different things will work for different people, however, and that’s the importance of having a tailored plan that fits with your lifestyle!”

And there you have it.

I have taught Ben what he needs to know in order to maintain his current weight, and even go further if he’d like to.

If this is something you want to achieve too, then why not book a free call to work together?


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