May 20

Ben Johnson’s Next Step Journey


Ben is a 27-year-old roofer who came to me wanting to perform better while losing weight. The Holy Grail of fitness it seems. He wanted to lose stomach fat, not feel embarrassed with his shirt off, and to “look like he actually trained”. However, his gym performance was also important to him. Although the fat loss was his main goal, he wanted to do this sustainably while building new habits and without affecting his lifting and CrossFit performance.


Ben became a VIP client of mine working solely on nutrition, and the results definitely speak for themselves! During his time with Next Step, Ben lost around 4kg of body fat while improving his performance in the gym, just like he had hoped for. What we did was ensure he was eating enough calories on training days, while creating a bit more of a deficit on rest days. We also adjusted through the week if there were social events or nights out planned so that he could have the best of both worlds.

During his time with Next Step Performance, Ben lost around 4kg of body fat while improving his performance in the gym


I’ll let him tell you the rest…


Why did you contact Next Step Performance?


“I contacted Next Step Performance because I wanted to find out where I’ve been going wrong and why although I had been putting a lot of hours and effort in the gym, I didn’t seem to be changing physically. So my aim was to become more aware of calories I should be consuming during normal and training days in order to reduce body fat and increase/maintain muscle.”

Your Thoughts on Your Consultation


“I knew after 10 mins of chatting with Jonny that there was a lot I had to learn from listening to a brief insight into his knowledge which would help me achieve the goals I had in my head. I knew that I needed more education on nutrition and when and what specific foods I needed to fuel my intense training and working lifestyle. I learned during my consultation that with my physical job and demanding training I could afford to consume higher calories than I had realised.”


What Did You Learn During Your Time With Next Step?


“With tracking the calories and reporting into Jonny once a week it made me more aware of the calorie-dense foods I previously didn’t think twice about consuming, as I used to have a “perfect week” Monday – Friday and let myself go on a weekend.


From working with Jonny I am now firmly in control of my nutrition, what I eat and when and I never limit myself to anything even beers and chocolate are still a part of my life.


It has been worth every penny during these past few months working with Jonny, and it really has transformed the way I view nutrition which will stick with me for the rest of my life. I can only hope one day I’m as big and strong as the legend that is Jonny Landels. Thank you.”


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