August 27

Beckie’s Next Step Journey


Beckie is a busy young professional who lives and works in Leeds City Centre as a solicitor.

It is fair to say she is a busy lass!

Not only that, but Beckie loves CrossFit and has been doing it for several years now.

However, Beckie did not believe her body reflected her hard work and blamed her relationship with food as the cause.

As a chronic yo-yo dieter, Beckie had struggled with being too restrictive during the week and then too loose on the weekend.

As a result, she struggled with her mood and energy levels through the week and her body composition and fitness seemed to be going nowhere.


So we began working together.


Beckie wanted to improve her relationship with food and her diet/nutrition mindset as it was spiralling out of control. As a result, she wanted to lose some body fat and improve her confidence in the gym and on the beach!

However, she was concerned that she was going to be eating chicken, rice and broccoli for the foreseeable future and that I wouldn’t be interested in her and her why.

But that’s not the Performance Coaching way.

We had a detailed initial consultation and many calls throughout the process so that we were always in sync with the goal and the tasks at hand.

With the weekly updates and monthly consults, I was able to adjust things as needed and we could come up with strategies around social occasions, holidays and CrossFit competitions.


In Beckie’s words:


“You’ve ‘been there’ and know what it’s like to want to lose weight and improve. You appreciated the fact I have a 9-5 desk job and really helped provide solutions when things at work got stressful and I couldn’t plan for it. You haven’t told me what to eat and given a diet plan, but instead, you’ve educated me and let me make my own decisions and learn from those (that sounds really cheesy but it’s true!)

Before working with Jonny I was in a sad cycle of eating to the extreme (not even on weekends, just in general) and then trying to restrict my diet way too much to compensate. I had no energy to train because of this.

But through working with Next Step Performance I have become better educated with meal choices, especially when eating out or on the go. I¬† have an amazing relationship with food now, I don’t see foods as good or bad, I don’t restrict myself, instead, I plan ahead. I have much more energy and motivation to train: 1. because I feel like I look better so I want to continue to improve and 2. because I generally have more energy.

Jonny has been a fantastic coach and I’d highly recommend!”


Want Results Like Beckie?


If you want to lose body fat, improve your energy and your relationship with food, then you need to consider my 1-1 Performance Coaching option.

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