May 11

Awareness is key to change


You cannot change what you are unaware of.


The first thing we need to do when looking to make changes is to understand where we are now.


Often we do not see the bad habits that hold us back from making the changes we want to make and this leads to trouble.


In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear recommends doing a ‘habit audit’ and I would wholeheartedly recommend this before embarking on any attempts to make changes.


Write a habit awareness sheet;


Have a deep think through all the things you do each day, write them down as you go, we can all be surprised at the things we do automatically.


Do you perhaps open a bottle of wine at the end of a stressful day without conscious thought?


Do you eat when you are stressed?


Do you always pile your plate high and then clear it without thinking?


After you have your list of habits, make another list of everything that is not right in your life, everything you would like to change.


Then cross off everything that is 100% outside of your control!



You will need to be very honest with this, but we do have to accept the things that are outside of our control and not waste our time and emotional energy stressing about them.


For example, we have no control at all over the rate at which the government introduces changes to this current lockdown situation we are in.


Be very honest also about the things thatĀ areĀ within your control, even if you think changing them will be difficult.


These can be in any area of your life, your job, your health, your food, your bodyweight, wherever you would like to make some changes.


Once you have your final list, write down 1 to 3 steps you can take to start to make changes. Again, be honest about where you can start, what you can reasonably achieve.


Avoid the pitfall of making the steps too large!

Tomorrow I will cover why starting small is more important than you may think.


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