May 19

Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror?


Are you constantly judging yourself? Are you perhaps one of those people who haveĀ never been happy with what you see in the mirror?


Unfortunately, if this is the case, then your feelings may not change even if you lose weight and get leaner!


I myself can say that I am happier with myself and my body than I was, even when I was much leaner and more muscled than I am now.


Why is this?


We need a mindset shift, we are not going to become happy with ourselves overnight the day we reach a certain magic bodyweight.


Unfortunately, in this day and age of social media, body dysmorphia is becoming more common.


A lot of us follow people on Instagram and Facebook who look amazing.


They have perfect bodies, perfect teeth, wonderful clothes and glittery lifestyles.


For some of these people though, probably a lot of them, this is their job, how they support themselves.


All credit to them of course, they do the work, they spend the hours in the gym and they follow the strict eating regimes.


Remember also of course, that people have different genetics, different rates at which they can build muscle, different limb lengths and so on.


You can only ever be the best version of you.


Comparison is the thief of joy. You are the only person who has had your experiences and has your genetic makeup.


You are probably doing better than you think anyway. You’ve probably made some good changes to your eating habits.


You probably exercise regularly. Take a look back at yourself when you started your fitness journey and see how far you have come.


You are the only person who is running your race


We are our own worse critics, we often put a certain result on a pedestal and beat ourselves up if we do not achieve it.


We become blind to our achievements along the way. Look back at how hard you have worked.


Be kind to yourself, it is a slow road out of this constant, negative mindset.


Start by being truly honest with yourself about what you have achieved.


Speak positively to yourself! We speak to ourselves in ways we would never speak to close friends or family.


If you wouldn’t say something to a friend then you should not be saying it to yourself.


Remember also that there is a huge price to pay in terms of lifestyle to be truly, amazingly lean and muscled.


There is a big cost in terms of hours of training, in terms of abstaining from alcohol and social events.


Is this a price you really want to pay? Do you want to go out for a meal with friends and eat very little?


To never stay out late because you have to have so many hours sleep before hitting the gym?


The route that leads to that ‘perfection’ is often not the right route for us anyway.


Most of us find a balanced lifestyle much more enjoyable.




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