May 28

Are you training hard but not getting the results that you want?

Do you train really hard?


Are you working out regularly yet not seeing the results that you are after?


I used to be that guy!


I would work really, really hard in the gym, try and eat right but just didn’t seem to get very far.


I really wanted to be fitter, stronger, leaner.


I wanted to be more confident to be honest. I wanted to lose the ‘fat guy’ or ‘big guy’ tag.


I found it really difficult to laugh off any ‘fat’ jokes and I lacked self confidence, despite all my efforts.


The problem was that I was actually trying to be too restrictive with my eating.


I was either being really, really strict, eating mainly lean meat and vegetables or I was eating everything in sight.


My ‘all or nothing’ mindset was wrecking my progress.


If you find yourself in this position then I would suggest that you are being held back by this ‘all or nothing’ attitude as well.


It is common for a lot of us to be really, really strict all week and then start on a downhill slope on a Friday evening.


Followed by a weekend of eating all the things we’ve been craving all week but in way too large a quantity.


The route out;


This for me, and I would suggest it for you also, was to embrace carbs!


Once I relaxed my ‘rules’ and moved to a more flexible attitude to eating, things improved.


As I increased my carbohydrate intake I found I had more energy, I could train better.


I slept better, I felt happier.


I was more full and found it much easier to stick to a calorie deficit.


A flexible mindset is important around food and around training.


Dietary restraint is different to dietary restriction!


Restriction is banning foods. Restraint is eating under control, with a particular goal in mind.


They are very, very different.


Once you allow flexibility in your eating choices you can avoid boredom.


You can make foods you enjoy, food should  be enjoyed!


Remember, ‘Healthy Food’ has a very, very wide base.


As long as you are eating enough protein, a wide range of fruit and vegetables and you are managing your calorie intake then you will be fine.


Make delicious meals that you want to eat.


If you want some cereal, have some cereal


If you want some bread, please go ahead and have some bread!


It’s all good!


I managed this change in my own journey by tracking my calories.


I know that doesn’t work for everyone because sometimes people can become over-strict with this.


Some find it very difficult.


I will be covering the subject of tracking on Monday.


For now, remember, flexibility is key.




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