December 23

Are You Ready?


When we decide to make a change, we believe we are ready, but when we start to see the steps needed, we can start to waver.

Making a change in your diet and nutrition comes with a lot of implications that you may not have considered:

  • Shopping for different foods
  • Planning meals
  • Preparing food
  • Eating less of some foods
  • Eating more of others
  • Going to the gym/making time for exercise
  • Finding some form of exercise you enjoy
  • Adjusting your priorities
  • Having less time for other leisure activities
  • Setting an earlier alarm

The above is not an exhaustive list, just an example of some of the changes that may be required.

All of us who decide to improve our fitness and nutrition, will have to make adjustments in other areas of our lives.

This is difficult, as these are things we are not used to doing.

When we are working with our clients, we suggest a few areas to make changes.

These suggestions will be based on their own individual circumstances and goals as well as our experience.

When we have agreed together on an area to work on, we will ask how likely, on a scale of 1 to 10, they will implement the change.

For example;

Say someone wants to increase their vegetable intake.

We will look at turning that into a concrete step.

Maybe an 80g portion of vegetables with every meal.

We will then ask the client, how confident they are of actually achieving this.

If it is less than a 9, then we will make it easier.

The important thing is that they are Ready, Willing and Able to make the change.

It is no good being willing, if you are not able.

Achieving very small steps builds confidence and leads to bigger steps.

Shrink the steps down into really small, doable actions.

Make it so easy you can not say no.

Do it every day and see your confidence grow.

When in doubt, start with less!


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