January 21

Are You Hungry?


Hey! Welcome to Shaun’s Corner.

If you don’t know me yet – you will – I’m one of the Next Step Nutrition coaches.

I’m not a random dude asking you if you’re hungry, and no, I’m not asking because I’ve brought you some food. Sorry.

What I do want to talk to you about, is true hunger.

Define hunger.

Here’s my definition:

“Stomach rumbling, lack of concentration, actual desire to eat food.”

That’s what hunger really feels like to me.

Why am I asking you?

Because if you’re someone (like me) who eats when they’re NOT hungry, it could be one of the root causes you’re struggling to lose weight.

Before I go any further, look at this:

• Most of our sensations, impulses, and behaviours are automatic

• We interpret everything based on perceptions of threat or safety

• Our responses, emotions and thoughts are based on our deep needs for survival and security

• We’re out of sync with all of this because we can’t interpret our needs when food is abundant

• We are generally unaware, creating responses that are frequently inappropriate

Read those twice. Three times if you need to.

It’s not ALL your fault.

Our brains are smart in that they make decisions before we even realise it’s happened – based on our need to survive (more on this in Part Two next Thursday).

The hardest part of knowing when you’re truly hungry is that the automatic responses and habits you’ve built up over the years, make your decisions for you, without telling you. Ever found yourself at the bottom of a huge bag of popcorn and not being aware of it happening? That’s an automatic response to a certain situation.

I will delve more into this over the next few weeks, but for today, I want to give you two tips to tune back into your needs.

1) 5-minute body scan

This might feel ridiculous to start with, especially if you’re someone who thinks things like mediation are a bit woo-woo. But just try it. What do you have to lose?

The next time you find yourself about to reach for a high-calorie food outside of meal times, or actual snack times, do this:

• Close your eyes.

• Scan your body.

• What are you feeling?

• Are you hungry?

• Are you bored? 

• Are you depressed?

• Are you sad?

• Are you happy?

• Are you tired?

• Are you thirsty?

You might be surprised by the outcome!

2) Use our Hunger Game worksheet – here’s the link.

Here’s the link. We explain exactly how to use it on the download.

That’s it from Shaun’s corner for this week. If you’ve got any questions about this week’s post, email me at shaun@nextstep-nutrition.com.

The Beard – out.


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