October 7

Are You Body Dysmorphic?


If you have not yet watched the Freddie Flintoff documentary, then I would strongly recommend it.


The program really rang with me and it was obvious from quite early on, that Freddie clearly has body dysmorphia.


The subject of eating disorders is probably not covered enough for anyone.


It is certainly not talked about very much at all, when it comes to men.


In the show itself Freddie talks about when a dietician came to talk to the England team.


He was plucking up courage to talk about his bulimia.


The dietician said that she often encountered eating disorders with female athletes.


The added that ‘there would be none of that among them’


He lost his nerve and never mentioned it.


This is so sad.


I really want to encourage men to talk about it.


Excessive exercising is something that I suffered from.


I was training hard in CrossFit at least 8 times a week.


I justified it to myself because I was training to compete.


Looking back now though, I know that I believed if I did not keep up that level of intense exercise, I would get fat again!


Even when I was very lean, I was always trying to get leaner.


I did not believe I had visible abs, but the photos from that time prove that I did!


Does any of this resonate with you?


If so, is it time to start challenging those thoughts?


I wrote about challenging unhelpful thoughts on Monday, so you could go back and have a look.


Below is an image of a thought journal sheet, specifically relating to this problem:



You can download it as a pdf here;




Do you feel inadequate and compare yourself unfavourably with others?


Do you disbelieve compliments and kind comments from family and friends?


Please download this sheet and start to challenge these negative thoughts.


Start thinking about how this is affecting you day to day.


The importance you are giving to it.


Think of alternatives.


What would you say to a friend in your situation?


We are always so hard on ourselves.


When Freddie was sitting in the taxi and said quite calmly that he ‘would always be overweight’ I was shocked and sad.


He clearly believed it, even though he is obviously not overweight.


This is something that I still struggle with from time to time.


If you do as well, you are not alone.


If this resonates with you, please let me know via Instagram or email.


We are thinking of doing a video series and I would like to know how many would be interested.



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